Happy Splashes
Weekly Update

 Marlins Weekly Update:

Hey swimmers summer swim is in full swing!  Our first Summer Rec Meet is this Thursday at Leroy, good luck to all the swimmers that are swimming!  If you signed up to swim at this meet you should have recieved an email with directions on what to bring and when to be there and events your swimmer is swimming.

PRACTICES: Thursday (tomorrow) ONLY 7am-9am practice NO 11:30am OR 6:30PM due to the meet tomorrow.  No practices this weekend Friday-Sunday take a break and enjoy the weekend.

NUTRITION: Coaches have been talking some this week about nutrition and making healthy choices to help your body as an athlete.  Especially for muscle growth and recovery.  I have attached a couple links from USA Swimming, big things to look for in younger athletes:  WATER, WATER, WATER - the body needs water it is always the best drink.  Please watch the labels on sports drinks as many just add lots of sugar that isn't long lived energy for swimmers.  Protein helps build strong muscles and is especially needed after long workouts, you will often hear of athletes drinking chocolate milk after practice to get that extra protein in.  Iron is also very important for getting oxygen in our blood, especially our 11 and up girls.  The article on healthy foods that support you immune system has suggested foods that have higher levels of iron.  (Life Cereal is my favorite with a full daily dose of iron!)  The USA Swimming website has some great articles for healthy eating for swimmers, see links below.)