Weekly Update 6/7/21

Weekly Update 6/7/21


              The summer schedules are looking great.  I think this will be the last season where dramatic shifts take place limiting our pool use and lane capacity. 

              Staring the week of June 14th in the Lakeville and Prior Lake facilities we will no longer have any masking, spacing, capacity or spectator limitations!  You will always have the option of wearing a mask in any building and can always keep your space from others if there are concerns that you are dealing with.  The club will continue to keep attendance records and follow CDC guidelines on exposure risks.  All swimmers will still be asked to stay home if they are not feeling well.  Normal is back, and I can barely remember what those long days of past felt like! 



End of Year Championship Racing.  Please read this in detail.  All swimmers will need to be entered prior to June 30th to attend these meets.

JR Nationals:  The club has created a policy that dictates that all swimmers who wish to attend this event have cut of times one month in advance to the event.  Exceptions would be made if the club already had swimmers and a coach attending or if the swimmer is 18 and would not be able to attend the event the following year.  This summer the last chance to qualify would be the Sectional Meet the week of July 5th


New Parent Meeting:

              If you are new to the club, or simply want a refresher on how things work, we will be setting up a date for this.  In the meantime, please contact your coaches for any questions you might have.   Continue to check the website for the time and location of the meeting.


                     Not a whole lot this week.  We do have over 200 swimmers signed up for this session which we are very excited about. To see growth in our community again is very encouraging!  If you know of any of your friends who are thinking about getting in the water, have them reach out to us and let’s make this summer a great one both in and out of the pool!


Go Storm!

Phil Smith