1st Week Of Practice and Updates

 Dear Seadragon families,

We are off to a great start and we're just thrilled to see our lanes full of happy swimmers again! The coaches appreciate your patience as they continue to evaluate swimmers and get everyone placed in their appropriate spot. We encourage you to reach out if you or your swimmer/s have questions or if you need anything whatsoever. 

First Meet:  Our first meet is approaching! We just recently received word that the other team will not be traveling to other pools this summer, so we have just decided to hold an inner-squad meet instead. This will actually be good in a lot of ways. The meet will be informal and we can move at our own pace as we get back into the swing of running a meet and will give our new swimmers a chance to experience their first meet in a low stress, less crowded environment. Sign ups will be available starting tomorrow and instructions will come in a separate email. We will still need workers and concession donations to ensure we still have the full swim meet experience!

Equipment:  A few notes about equipment to hopefully answer some questions we've gotten. First team suits are optional and available for purchase at B&B Aquatics. We suggest bringing your swimmer to get properly fitted. 

Each swimmer should have a pair of well-fitting goggles. Ask verteran swimmers/parents if you need recommendations. Our family prefers Speedo Vanquishers available at B&B or Amazon for our kids who are around 10 and older. 

As for swim caps they are also optional. We have a few of the old latex Sea Dragon caps, but many swimmers prefer to purchase silicone caps that are thicker, more durable and don't get as tangled in hair and goggle straps. Again check B&B Aquatics, Amazon or Dick's Sporting Goods if you're interested. 

Practice Schedule:  Lastly, a few words about the practice schedule. Our littlest Blue Dragons practice Tuesday, Thursday & Friday. Practice is offered 5 days a week for the rest of our swimmers. Starting next week, we will continue our tradition of having clinics on Wednesdays. During these clinics, coaches work with small groups of swimmers on specific skills such as breaststroke kick or flip turns; emphasis is on technique rather than endurance. 

And maybe our favorite day of the week is Fun Friday! On these days, actual practice ends around 8:00 and we open the pool and some of its features for recreational swimming. It's a fun reward for all their hard work and time to play with their Sea Dragon friends. 

We thank you all for your support and positive attitudes as we get this season going.