Food Drive and Gear

The backordered suits and the suits and jammers from the 2nd online store are in!  However, the size 22 jammers/suits are delayed and the apparel from the second store (hats etc.) is not quite ready, we're so sorry about that, but hopefully soon!  The suits that are here will be available for pickup tomorrow morning, so your kiddos can change into them for the team photo!!  Also, we have some extra t-shirts and swim caps  we will have for sale tomorrow!

We will be extending the food drive deadline to next Wednesday, so you still have time to donate!

Info from Coach Gracie:
We want to collect non perishable foods for the Covenant Cupboard food pantry. The competition is between each swim family who collects the most food! Whichever family wins gets to be coach for a day! So you get to coach and boss around your friends at practice (nicely please!). 
The foods they need most are: canned protein (meats, nut butters), canned fruits or vegetables, soup and chili, pasta and rice, cereal and oatmeal, breakfast and nutrition bars, and dry beans, PLUS cleaning and disinfecting supplies. 
There are are 2 big, red containers at the pool for you to drop your food off, (they’re labeled underneath the tent against the brick wall) and you can put it in bags with the kids’ names on them, so they get credit for their swim families!
Thanks and see you all bright and early tomorrow morning!!