1st Meet Signups!!

 The first meet signups are out.  So here’s what to do in a nutshell after signing in to Team Unify--->Events tab----->June 19th Meet:

1.  Please select Yes or No for each swimmer. 

-Not going to be in town or have a conflict.  Still please still declare that you are not going.  This helps us know that we should not expect your family and you have acknowledged that you were aware of the meet. 

-Coaches will assign events but if your swimmer has a special stroke they like or have not quite mastered, please note that in the comment section. 

2.  Please signup for a volunteer worker position.  Each family is required to work one position per meet.

-Not sure of which job to choose, ask around!  Everyone has an opinion.  It takes an army of parents to make this wheel turn! 

3.  Please signup for $15 worth of concession donations.

-These signups are on the same section as the worker position just further down the list.