PDST 2021-2022 season registration is open

PDST just opened its 2021-2022 season registration to its own swimmers and will soon open its registration to other swimmers who wish to join PDST for next season. Here is the registration timeline:

1. June 11th-June 30th 2021, PDST returning swimmer(s) to register only and PDST swimmer roster spot is protected. Please go to "Registration" section to register your swimmer if you decide to return for next season. All info is available to you once you log into your PDST account.

2. By July 1st 2021, PDST registration will open to all swimmers who wish to return(join) PDST next season, and each roster spot becomes first come, first serve base. 

3. For swimmer(s) who are on waiting list previously, you will receive a PDST confirmation to register and you can start to register by July 1st, 2021. 

4. For new swimmers who wish to join PDST but have not had a tryout to determine the group assignment, please check PDST tryout date and time at PDST website under "PDST Tryout" section and proceed from there. 

We plan to open our 2021-2022 season on Sept 11th, 2021 (Saturday) and more info will come out in July or August.