Virtual Stroke Judge Clinic

Stroke Judge Virtual Clinic

This is a unique opportunity to become stroke judge certified for our league.  The certification is good for 3 years!  We NEED stroke judges.  Lots of our stroke judges have retired now their swimmers have aged out.  Stroke Judges are critical to a meet.  This is a teaching league so what this does is helps educate the swimmers if they are performing the stroke incorrectly, so they know what to correct.  Thankfully Jen Espenscheid has stepped up to fill Charlie Moore’s shoes as Stroke Judge Chair for our team! 

I cannot stress this enough that you do not need to be a prior Olympic swimmer to become certified, ANYONE can become certified.  This training will help you better understand the stokes and the mechanics of swimming.  Many parents have said that they can now help their swimmers with questions and help explain if they do get disqualified at a meet.  Certification is free! 

You will not have to do your first meet by yourself, we’ll pair you with a veteran stroke judge to help explain what do! 

So what do you have to do to get certified? 

1st flip through the power point

2nd watch the videos for references

3rd read through the “Stroke Judge Notes” document

4th let us know that you completed the process!