PWSL Week 1 Results

June 13, 2021


Welcome to the long awaited 2021 swim season. I personally was unable to be on deck this weekend and can only image the faces of the swimmers, parents, volunteers and officials to finally be back at the pool. I know what it looked like at time trials. I saw so many happy faces out and about. 

This year the meets are running very different in many aspects. We have teams that are swimming 100% virtual and some teams running live. We have many meets preseeded and some deck seeded. We even had a team that swam in a 25 yard pool due to pool space this week (don't worry, there were no records and the times were converted to meters). From my understanding we will even have two teams swim at the same pool but not compete against each other later this season. Those two teams will be competing against two totally different teams swimming at their own pool. Some teams are swimming on Friday night against a team that is swimming on Saturday. Again, all instances are due to pool limitations and to get the kids in the water. 2021 will be know as the year of thinking outside the box to get the kids in the water. With all of the inconsistency there has to be some bugs in the system. One of those bugs is the top times link at not working. Another item is with the virtual meets; teams are having to merge data files before being able do reports and ribbons, causing minor delays on these things. Let's not forget our 19 year olds, who have decided to swim one more season!  Shout out to them!  As glad as we are to have them with us, we had to be fair to the upcoming 15-18 age groups by marking them as exhibition.  This has not deterred them from being competitive with their teammates. 

As far as records go, as a league we did not have any broken records this week.  I had 11 teams report 25 records broken. That is a great start to a long awaited swim season!!!


Just a few interesting facts from this weekend as compared to 2019. Please keep in mind this week we only had 21 teams swimming as compared to 2019 when we had all 24 teams in the water. (next week should be 22 teams)

  • 2019 week 1
    • 3570 Swimmers
    • 9158 Splashes
    • 4024 Time improvements from seed time
  • 2021 week 1
    • 3038 swimmers
    • 7550 splashes
    • 2697 Time improvements from seed times

The top times for each event page on our results website is not working as designed this year. As of right now HERE is a PDF of all the times in the county. Please feel free to post as needed for each team.

Please see the updated   summary sheet for an overview of all the meets.The Top 25 individual times and     Top 15 Relays of the week are also available. This week's cyber meet, league record file and the pdf version of the summary report, as well as the mid season reports are  available to the computer reps on this site, while interactive results are available at