Meet Declaration & Volunteer Spots

Hello All!!

The Meets, Job Signups and Donation Signups are updated online with all rescheduled dates. Please double check your #1 Swimmer Declaration for EVERY meet, #2 Volunteer Signups (you need to complete 2) and #3 please consider making a donation for our stand at one of our meets at home. THANK YOU ALL!

You have 2 things to do:

  1. From the homepage of the Narwhal website, look toward the bottom center and you will see the meets listed. For each of the (4) meets, click the name of the meet. There are directions on each page how to declare "yes" or "no" if your swimmer will attend.
  2. Also, when looking at the list of meets you will see a button that says "job signup". Click it and choose your desired volunteer spot. Each family should pick (2)
    • ***There will be other opportunties to fulfill your volunteering - i.e. at the Champs meet, end of season celebration that are not yet listed.

Thanks all!