Saturday Meet AND LOTS OF INFO!!

An okay folk, to say I’m impressed is an UNDERSTATEMENT!  I expected to sit down this evening and really explain how to get your swimmer signed up for the meet, sign up for concessions donations and volunteer worker spots for Saturday but WOW.  Only 40 swimmers were undeclared and concessions donations are full but we are still looking for worker slots to be filled. Since we are not swimming against another team, this meet will run very fast (as long as it goes smoothly) so please fill those extra spots up.  So if you have any questions come see me tomorrow on the pool deck.  I can help!   SWIMMERS MUST BE SIGNED UP TODAY!! NO SWIMMERS CAN BE ADDED AFTER TODAY.

Coaches will be assigning races tomorrow and assembling relay teams.  Please understand that your swimmer may only swim up to 4 events total.  Some of the newer swimmers may not have that many as they are still learning strokes.  I’ll send out heat sheets for you to print at home on Friday after all the entries have been complete and the meet has been seated.   Stay with me new parents….it’s not as complicated as it sounds.  Sea Dragon families are well known in the league for exceptional willingness to help and this will be no exception. 

Pool Setup:  Pool set up will be Friday night at 5:45pm or 7:30pm depending on if swim lessons have to be made up.  I’ll post something on Friday to let you know for sure what time we’ll start. It really doesn’t take more than 1 hour if we have lots of hands.  Please make an effort to come and help. 

Concessions Donations:  Donations should be around the $15 mark per family.  Also please pay attention to how the items are to be packaged and such listed in description.  Please bring those items Saturday morning before the meet.  Unless you have signed up to bring drinks, those need to be brought to the pool on Friday night so they can be iced down. 

Volunteer/Worker Sign-ups:  It take A LOT more people to run a home meet.  We need every position filled.  Each family should work one half of the meet. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to leave your post to watch your child’s races. 

Stroke Judge Clinic Reminder:  This is virtual!  Please see past “news” post for details but we must have stroke judges to have a meet.  Please go through the motions and get certified!  Email when you are done so I can add you to the list of certified. 

Arrival Saturday Morning:   Please arrive early enough to get your space set up for the morning before water warm-ups at 6:30am. The meet will begin promptly at 7am.  I would suggest arrive between 6-6:15am.  Gate will be open by 5:45am Saturday morning. You are welcome to arrive anytime after 6am! 

No Outside Food/Drink:   Please remember that no outside food or drink is to be brought in the gate. This is a city ordinance for Progress Park’s pool. We have a wonderful concession with a full menu of goodies.

Late Swimmers:    Swimmers who are late will be pulled from relays. Being late also can result in not being placed in a relay for future meets.

Video link:  Here is an OLD video that I put together years ago which was completely current up until last year….you can tell how old this is when you look how young my kiddos are!    MOST of the info is the same but we will not be using heat cards but concept is still the same.  Still has a lot of good info and some of the meets we will be using heat cards so it will be good knowledge to know.  Pop some popcorn and enjoy!  :)


Wentzville Sea Dragons Famous Breakfast Burritos 

One breakfast burrito mix:

18 eggs

1 can ro-tel tomatoes

1 pound of browned sausage

Maybe a little shredded cheese

Salt & Pepper

Tips from Cheryl McDonald:  "I put water in my crock pot overnight and put on warm to get the crock pot hot for Saturday morning.  I usually cook the sausage the night before. Then Saturday morning, I scramble the eggs and combine with the remaining ingredients the morning of the meet, drain the water from my crock pot, and the burrito egg mix is ready to go to the pool!"!