PNS Divisional and Champ swim Meet in July

PNS is looking into having the league Divisional Champ and PNS Champ swim meet in July with state wide reopening progress, the swim meets are not finalized yet, but here are the two meets if PNS decides to host (the decision likely will come in early July and we will keep you updated) but please mark your calender per your swimmer qualification time if your swimm will attend. . 

July 24/25th: Divisional Meet

Three locations: North: Snohomish (IST), South: Curtis (Metro/UPAC), Central: Juanita (WAVE)

Timed Finals

Three sessions Per day: 11-12, 13-14, 15 and over

Dequal standards: 11-14 champs meet (see below), 15 & over: one senior zone time disqualifies you from the meet

Time Standards: tentatively Divisional standards will be somewhere between Silver and Gold PNS champs time. 

July 30th/July 31/August 1st: 14 and Under PNS Champs

Two locations: North Snohomish (CSC), South: Curtis (Metro/UPAC)

Up to 4 sessions per day: 11-12 Prelims, 13-14 prelims, 10 & under timed finals (Pentathlon? girls one day, boys the other (spring divisionals), Finals

11-14 year old Prelim/Final: time standards: Between 2019 Champs/Gold

10 & under timed final: Silver Standard for 50’s, Gold standard for 100’s and above