Cheer On Our Mighty Barracudas at Olympic Trials!

It’s time to cheer on our Mighty Barracudas at Olympic Trials!

Olympic Trials kick off tomorrow, and over the next five days three of our very own Mighty Barracudas will be racing for a spot on Team Canada at the Tokyo Olympics.  Let’s be sure to let them know everyone in Ottawa is cheering for them!

Breckin Gormley
100 FLY, 200 FLY, 200 IM

Meg Wheeler
100 BK, 200 BK, 200 IM, 400 IM

Mia Zahab
200 FLY, 400 IM


Send Them a Cheer at the Pool
This year’s event will be different – they’re missing the enthusiasm and energy of fans in the stands. To ensure all of our swimmers feel the energy and encouragement as they compete, Swim Canada has created a way for you to send your cheers directly to them!  Follow the link to send a message or your loudest N-K-B! 1-2-3! directly to Breckin, Meg, and Mia!  They will hear your recorded cheer at the pool!

Get All the Details
You can get all the details for Olympic Trials on, including the psych sheets for the week.

Watch all the Action
RecTec will be livestreaming the meet on their website.