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Practice Schedule Update

Hello Stingrays,

I wanted to let you know about the practice schedule starting on Monday, June 21st. We will have the entire pool from 9-11 before it opens to residents, and will be using all six lanes. Practice will be every day, Monday through Thursday.  The only exception would be if we have a meet on a Wednesday night we will not have practice Wednesday morning. All 10 and unders will have practice from 9-10 (except the very young swimmers requiring in-water support, who will end at 9:30). 11 and olders will have practice from 10-11.  We will still be holding optional Friday practices in the evenings, from 6-8, with 6-7 reserved for 10 and unders and 7-8 reserved for 11 and olders.

I'm excited to share the news that Coach Anne and I have been working on designing a more personalized approach to coaching your swimmer(s) for the remainder of the season.  Each day coaches will spend more time directly teaching technique. We will be coaching for stroke mastery, devoting one lane (or more) per stroke and focusing our efforts that day on just one stroke at a time. Different coaches will be assigned to different strokes/lanes so all strokes will be available each day. Therefore, there are no permanent lane assignments, as swimmer groupings will be more fluid and flexible, according to the needs and wants of the swimmer.

Swimmers will play a more active role in determining the goals they want to work toward. On Monday, the 21st I will explain the change in procedure to the swimmers. Also, each swimmer will receive his/her personal swimming checklist, and they will create 1-3 swimming goals for the season.  Additionally, swimmers will set daily goals by deciding (with guidance from coaches when appropriate) which lane/stroke they want to focus on that day.

We're excited to deliver a new approach to coaching and can't wait to see the results. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Coach Jen