MAC Long Course Summer Challenge Results

The Seniors along with Eve Stoval and Sonny Shields were in action last weekend at the Madison Aquatic Club's Summer Challenge at the Rec-Plex in Pleasant Prairie, WI.  For most, it was one of their first Long Course (50m Olympic Sized Pool) meets since before Covid.

Because it has been so long since we've competed in LCM, and given the fact that all of these swimmers have grown (some significantly!) it wasn't surprising to see so many best times.  Here is a link to our team's results on SwimCloud.  According to the data on SwimCloud, we had 76% of our events as lifetime best times.

Not only that but, Jeremy Mueller, Molly Ryan, and Ella Gasparini established some new team records at the meet.

Ella Gasparini lowered the team record in the women's 15-18 and Open 200 IM.  Molly Ryan had some very solid early season swims breaking the Women's 15-18 100 and 200 Backstrokes.  Most impressive was Jeremy Mueller.  He went on a tear at this meet setting new team records in the Men's 15-18 and Open 50 and 100 Free, and 200 IM.  

Congratulations to all of our new Team Record holders and also to all of the swimmers who notched personal best times.  While not everyone can get a team record or a championship meet qualifying time, it's the process of putting in the work and getting better and faster season over season that really matters!