PWSL Week 2

Good evening all - Apologies for the lateness  in sending out the week 2 update; we hope everyone had an enjoyable Father's Day. I'm John, I'm the computer/league rep for Montclair and I've been working with Tony on computer support this season - it's been an enjoyable challenge and I look forward to talking with more of you. My kids' meet this weekend ran very smoothly compared to our virtual meet week 1, and I hope most of you had the same experience. 

We're aware of an issue where some results from virtual meets are not being imported into the cyber meet. It appears to be an issue when the home team has no entries in an event and the away team 1XX-numbered event is renumbered. It does not affect your meet results, scoring, or ribbons; only the cyber meet.

While we figure out a workaround,  PLEASE NOTE this procedure change: After importing results into the virtual meet template (that's the database with events 1-67 and events 101-167), but before combining events, make a database backup and send it to Tony and John. Note for us that it's the uncombined virtual database for your meet.   After this step, proceed as normal, combining results,  deleting the 101-167 events, scoring the meet, etc.

One league record was broken this week, as Dominion Valley's Callum O'Shea set a new mark of 25.16 in the 13-14 boys freestyle. The league records file has been updated on the website, be sure to download the new version before you build meets on Thursday.

Given there are also issues with "top times" on the league results site, here  is the complete results for every swim in the league from week 2.

We also have the league summary file, the top 25 swims report, and the top 15 relays report.