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GOODMAN WAVES BUDDIES  “Ripples and Tsunamis!”

We've gotten a few questions on the new buddy program and want to clarify what it's all about. 

1. How do our kids learn about the buddy program? 
This is where we need parents, caregivers and all invested adults to chat with their child(ren) and share the info below. Tell them about the program and who their buddy is.

2. Was this a volunteer program? 
No, we wanted to ensure that everyone got to participate so that no one felt left out if they missed a sign up deadline. 

3. How do I find out who my child's buddy is?
Here's the list of buddy pairings. Athlete A is paired with Athlete B. The two left columns are alphabetized by Athlete A and the two right columns are alphabetized by Athlete B. All kids who are not labeled are on swim team only. 

4. What are the expectations? 
First, this is not a gift exchange and we don't want anyone stressing out over this. It is meant to require a minimal amount of effort. Ideas include, write a note of cheer to one another, introduce yourselves, share your pronouns and a little about why you like the Goodman Waves. Say “hi” to your buddy at a social or meet and cheer them on at the meets are also encouraged. The goal is to connect kids across our various age groups. and cheer them on at a meet. 

5. Where should my child leave a note for their buddy? 

There are ribbon bins that are brought onto the pool deck most days and we encourage buddies to place their note in their buddies folders. All team members will have a folder by the end of the week including divers. If you're unable to find these bins, ask your coach for help. 

6.  Note Making Days at Practice
We will plan to have note making materials at practice one or two times this summer. Stay tuned for those dates. Everyone will be encourage to write a note, draw a picture or whateve creative idea you have to give to their buddy. 

7. What if I can't find my buddy or what if my buddy and I have not connected?
First, give your buddy a week or two to figure out what's going on but if you still haven't made a connection, please contact our Social Chair, Stephanie Skladzien at [email protected] She will help bridge that connection. Feel free to ask older athletes, coaches or adults for help meeting a buddy at a meet or social. 

We hope that answers some of the questions you may have. Please let us know if there's anything else we can do to help implementing our new Buddy Program.

Cindy Schlichte
Parent Rep, Friends of Goodman Waves

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