Bill Rose Classic: Elk Grove Hotels, Team Sites, 19&Older, & Teams Outside of CA
Updates and clarifications related to the Bill Rose Classic (BRC): 2021 Sierra Nevada Summer Championships on July 15-18, 2021:
  • The assignment of Clubs between the two (2) sites for Preliminaries (Folsom & Elk Grove) will be based on the total number of entries 
    • The assigning of Clubs to a prelims site can occur earlier than the Thursday, July 8, 2021 entry deadline if enough entries are received to create a rough estimate
    • At this moment, based on the total entries received, that estimate cannot be generated
    • If our Athletes and Member Clubs know they will enter this meet, we encourage them to submit entries AS SOON AS POSSIBLE so that this estimate can be generated 
    • The BRC administrative team will be diligent in updating times leading up to the meet
  • 19 & Older Athletes are allowed to enter individual events during preliminaries only for the BRC  
    • 19 & Older Athletes have to meet the 15-18 y/o time standards
    • They are not eligible to participate in relays
    • Their events will be listed as "Exhibition" and are sanctioned swims for time
  • Both the Steve Miklos Aquatic Center (Folsom, CA) & the Elk Grove Aquatics Center (Elk Grove, CA) are now allowing Member Clubs outside of California to participate in the BRC