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Meet Results Posted

Hello everyone,

The meet results from last night's meet have been posted on our website.  Just go to Stingray Events and click on the meet (may already be in Past & Archived) and scroll to the bottom of the page for the file to download.

I am always appreciative of our volunteers, but I feel like I owe a special thanks to everyone who volunteered last night.  Loudoun Valley was not the most organized team we've ever swum against, which caused me a lot of stress personally. I want to thank all of our timers (Michelle, Leah, Amy, Allison, Duane, and Steve, who stepped in to fill a vacant spot).  I want to thank our ribbon writers (Joanna, and especially Yvonne and Diane who stayed late to wait for our final labels). I want to thank our clerks (Lauren and Angela who figured out a way to get the kids lined up even when the deck was not exactly configured nicely for a swim meet). I want to thank the stroke and turn judges (Karen and Kristen whose hands are probably still cramped from writing so many DQ slips). Lastly, I want to thank our assistant coach Anne who, along with myself, fielded at least half a dozen questions (from Loudoun Valley swimmers, not ours) about what event they were supposed to be swimming, which lane, what their time was, etc.). Honestly, I felt a little like I'd stepped into a Twilight Zone episode, but we got through it.

Our next meet isn't for two weeks, so we've got lots of time to get some good practice in so we can improve our strokes and drop some time.

Thanks so much everyone,

Coach Jen