First competition week in the books

As we gear up for our first Saturday home meet, we gotta take a moment to reflect back on the previous week of exciting firsts and appreciation.

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We got our suits and shirts!! This season, the Sharks are def rockin' the red with our new attire. Yes, the rest of the spirit wear has arrived :) (thx, Adina, Abbie and Annie, and Shark Board alum Allison). WEAR YOUR RED SHARKS SHIRTS and BATHING SUITS TO PICTURE DAY (but wear Hawaiian themed attire for the Sat. meet).

We are exploring if we want to submit a spiritwear or swimsuit re-order. Forgot to order that sweatshirt, or loving those new suits and want one for your swimmer? See Adina, Heather or Tracy asap (by this Sat at noon) if interested.

And how about our first social activity and pep rally of the season... Many thanks to Christine Merhtash and the Rootbeer Float committee, Lindsay Ryan, Jen Sullivan and Marina Tucker for the floats and donut eating contest. Wait til you see what we have on deck for the next pep rally for Pasta Night on Thurs., July 8th! 

Last week started our tradition of everyone's favorite end of the practice week reward...THANKS to Loriann Baily and Gina Comottor for DONUT FRIDAYS! (Reminder, no donuts tomorrow because all swimmers have a pancake breakfast instead). EVERYONE SHOWS UP AT 7:45 AM for PICTURE DAY~

Now, y'all know I keep talking about how great our swimmers are and, if you've been to the last few swim meets, you know why I brag. These kids are a-mazing! From Leo Li's record breaking swim last week (yes, the record he broke was from 1995) to all of our brave swimmers who either swam their first 25s or had to swim up (you know who you are) WE SALUTE YOU!

Thanks to Pam Korzak, Megan Soyster Heinz and Lisa Schmidt for creating our wall of stars -- swimmers will get a star for each personal best (PB) they achieve (swimming a stroke faster than they've ever done it before) and Little Flippers will get stars for coming to practice, doing bobbs without having to be begged (yes, the water's cold but ya gotta get under, right?) and especially for attempting to swim in one or more of the meets..

Be sure to check your swimmer's file folders, that's where they receive their ribbons (thanks, Maureen Kim, Dave and Taye Kelley for making sure those get done so quickly). And one last shoutout to Missy Dunne and Rita Bills and Meredith Malarkey and Christine Merhtash for organizing the closets for the season. Thankless jobs yet so important to find all we need. 

Volunteers. Volunteers. Volunteers. 
Just a reminder, if your child is swimming, we need at least one family member to volunteer at the meet (and possibly more if people are on vacation). Go to the ondeck app or the website to sign up. Thanks to those of you who fearlessly jump in and do the jobs for the first time. Timers, swimmer card distro, timers, runners, did I mention timers, haha and even clerk of course (the best job for those of you counting steps or working off the breakfast burritos from concessions :) We try to have two shifts of timers for each meet (especially Wed.) so SIGN UP NOW IF YOU NEED AN EARLY SHIFT. If you have older swimmers who stay for fly/IM, try to save the first shift for the newer families. However, the order of strokes for Wednesday meets will change so watch for the order in coach Laura's emails.

A reminder, people should not leave the meet right after their swimmer is done swimming. The older swimmers love the support from the team just as much (BTW, we might need to start that shark bite chant that Carl and Jon were doing at Manorgate for all our meets).

Our Saturday meets are open to all Sharks families. Even if your swimmer isn't swimming on the meet sheet, you can still come to the meet, hang out and watch our athletes compete. Parents get dressed for the themes too--grass skirts optional (Brad and I have a killer luau playlist ready to roll on spotify so gear up for the fun). 

See you at the pool.


Tracy Mason
2021 Co-team Rep