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Wow, it's nearly July and we're heading into our mid-season! How did that happen?! We made it through a lot of meets this week and everyone's hard work is showing! 

Kids are working hard in practice but did you know coming to a meet is where you see your hard work has paid off? You wouldn't practice soccer and never go to game and you wouldn't practice piano or violin and never play a song. The same is true with swimming and diving! Most kids don't realize this but there's less swimming and diving at a meet and more having fun with your friends! We'd love to see more kids join us at our meets. Wednesday at West Side would be a great low-key one to give a try. Plus there will be yummy food! If you want to participate in All City (which you do!), you need to compete in at least 3 meets. 

Are your kids or you concerned about their DQs? First of all, it's ok - it's very common! Everyone does it - even Olympians. But what can you do to help avoid DQs? Talk to your coach after your race. Usually you can find them with the other coaches. Ask them about your swims and what you can do to improve. Sometimes it's as little as a two-hand touch required in breast and fly and sometimes it's about the kick. That said, we never expect you to get it right 100% of the time but we hope that you'll gain confidence in your ability to do a legitimate swim or dive most of the time. We believe you can do it!

We hope to see you at our meets this week! Come show your Goodman spirit! We promise you'll like it! 
SWIM MEET :   Wednesday, June 30 @   West Side
  • Sign ups (on the home page) close tonight! Join us for this fun, low-key meet against another smaller team. 
  • Warm ups :   Arrive by 3:45 pm to be in the water at 4 pm.
  • Take our Poll on Facebook for dinner options
DIVE MEET :   Thursday, July 1 HOME vs Middleton
  • Sign ups close Thursday. Find them on our home page!
  • Kate will send out warm up info. 
TIE DYE YOUR TEAM T-SHIRT : Thursday, July 1 (rain date July 8)
Team shirts will be handed out day of event!     Check out when your group will tie dye!
BERNIES BEACH : Wednesday, July 7 - 12pm - 2pm
Please note that we've had to reschedule Bernie's Beach to Wed, July 7.
GOODMAN WAVES BUDDIES  “Ripples and Tsunamis!”
Still confused about your buddies? It's not too hard. Make a card, write a note, say hi at a meet or practice. You can then bring it to practice and place the note in their pool deck bin folders (where meet ribbons are kept)!  
Here's the list of buddy pairings. Athlete A is paired with Athlete B. The two left columns are alphabetized by Athlete A and the two right columns are alphabetized by Athlete B. All kids who are not labeled are on swim team only.  
Cindy Schlichte
Parent Rep, Friends of Goodman Waves

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