Wed 6/30 meet update

 Sorry for the extra email. The system inadvertently sent one out by accident (in other words, I clicked the wrong button LOL)...the time to declare for tomorrow's meet was by 2pm yesterday. We've got a great group of swimmers and are seeding the meet as we speak (thanks, Laura, Taye and Dave for all your work to make the meet move quickly).

There has been a change to tomorrow's meet theme. THE THEME IS RED WHITEAND BLUE (don't worry, this gives you more time to get your dress up/costume ideas ready for Disney/Marvel Super Heroes the following Wednesday night meet).

Report Time: 4:50 PM; Warm ups for Sharks at 5pm.

Where: Home (OUR POOL woo hoo!), please leave the parking spaces for the visiting team vehicles. (even and especially back by the dumpsters near their team area so they can unload stuff).

We need a few more timers, as well as folks to arrange the deck for the meet (if you can get to the pool by 4-5pm, we can def use your help).

AND, don't forget, if you have a tent, please let us know and bring it by 5pm so we can shade as much as the meet area as possible.

Thanks and GOOOOO Sharks!

Tracy Mason
co-team rep
703-229-2030 cell