LEVEL 1 PRIORITY CLEARANCES FOR SNS All-Star Recruits Have Been Issued!!!

PRIORITY MESSAGE from SNS Central Command (Cent-Com) to All-Star Meet Applicants across Northern California...
An OMEGA-LEVEL EVENT will occur at the Roseville Aquatics Complex (RAC) July 31-August 1, 2021...
Sierra Nevada's top swimmers have split into two factions, each laying claim to being the fastest in the water.
LEVEL 1 APPLICANTS (AUTOMATIC QUALIFIERS) have been given PRIORITY ONE CLEARANCE and have been selected to be part of the SNS All-Star Roster... These Recruits can be viewed on the SNS All-Star Meet Website:
Congratulations to our newest Recruits!!!  Required Forms that you will need to fill out will be available soon on the SNS All-Star Meet Website.  
The next level of SNS All-Star Meet Recruits will be selected the week of July 5-11, 2021.  
Check back for new information as it becomes available.  Excelsior!
All-Stars, Assemble!!!