PDST Volunteer hours updates & MW/JCC jobs in July

Dear PDST Members,

Thank you for the volunteer jobs since this fantastic season! PDBC has updated your hours please check your service info. We are moving into July and there will be some jobs for you to select:





There are 33 members who have an hours balance from the system. Please double-check if you need to fulfill it.

Groups Senior Group Adv Group HSG 1& 2



Age Group Novice Group



Pre-com Group Fly-fish Group
Hrs 20 hrs 20 hrs 8 hrs 17 hrs 15 hrs 9 hrs 5 hrs 2 hrs


In addition, 3 hours is added for each sibling swimmer registered from the same family.

Each family has until the end of the season (end of July 2021) to fulfill their annual service hour requirement. Any unfulfilled hour will be charged at the rate of $40 per hour. PDBC provides enough service opportunities throughout the season, including timer jobs, meet hosting, team events, etc.

Also, there are always service opportunities as OA, Judges, Referees, and PDBC will pay the training fee for parents who are interested. For families who have difficulties doing these jobs,  there is an option to buy off the service hours at the rate of $20 per hour at the beginning of the season, partially or completely. 

You can check your account service hour balance via My Account -> $My Invoice/Payment -> Service Hours.  


Best Regards,

Coach Leon from PDST