New Mexico Swimming LEAP renewed with USA Swimming through June 30, 2023

Every 2 years LSC's like New Mexio Swimming that are part of USA Swimming have to renew their affiliation and prove they meet the requirements to remain part of USA Swimming. This process is called "LEAP" for "LSC Evaluation and Achievement Program. [LSC = "Local" Swim Committee]

I am very pleased to announce today that New Mexico Swimming passed the LEAP evaluation and has renewed it's affiliation with USA Swimming though June 30th, 2023.

Written by: Murray Kelley (NMS General Chair)

June 30, 2021


Greetings New Mexico Swimming,


It is with great pleasure that I congratulate your entire LSC on completing the LEAP program. Thank you for your efforts to highlight your areas of strength and hopefully as a result the LSC discovered a few areas for improvement.


I have officially designated your LSC as successfully completing LEAP, a requirement to stay in compliance with the LSC Affiliation Agreement. Your LSC will need to renew LEAP next by June 30, 2023. 


Jane Grosser

Jane Grosser

USA Swimming

LSC Services Senior Manager

[email protected]