Winter swim interest survey

 Hi, Sharks. .

Although we are still waist deep in the summer swim season, it is also time to book our lanes for the Chase Club Sharks winter swim program. (what, you didn't know we did winter swim too?!)

Why keep swimming year-round?

- Need to learn breast stroke or butterfly?
- Want to keep working on turns or endurance even when most people are out of the pool?
- Playing other sports but still want to keep growing swimming skills?
Or, my personal fav, just wanna have fun with your Sharks from the 'hood.

Winter swim is slightly different in that practice is only one day a week for one hour (probably Sunday early evenings from Sept 12-May 8), at a local rec center pool. We've submitted our preference for either OakMarr, Audrey Moore or Cub Run from 6-7pm; they will let us know asap which we get in the lottery. Winter swim team size is limited to the first 20 swimmers to sign up and pay a registration fee (in 2019, the fee was $350/swimmer).

  • All participants must be able to complete 25 meters of two strokes legally unassisted and continuously. 

There are no formal meets/competitions. Swimmers work with our junior coaches and guest coach, (Ava's mom) Diane Benevento, to build their endurance, refine their current technique and also learn strokes they don't currently know. We reserve two lanes and will split the swimmers by age and ability. 

This winter, we are also going to incorporate some social activities with the winter swim program (movie night, caroling around the neighborhood, maybe even a group dinner or two).

OK, sounds great...what do you do to sign up?
1) By Saturday, July 3, 2021, submit your interest: send an email to [email protected] (or complete the interest form I'll have at practice or at this Saturday's meet) indicating your swimmer info. Your email should include:
Name and age of each winter swimmer. Also indicate the strokes they each can legally swim. Registration preference is for current Chase Club Sharks swimmers.
2) Sharks Winter Swim registration will open by July 15th within team unify. All those who complete an interest survey will be offered early registration unless we are over the 20 person limit.
3) Early bird registration rates will be available until August 1. Winter swim registration will close on September 1.
4) If we get a lot of interest, we will request three lanes with the hope of increasing the group size to 30.

Get's gonna be a great winter swim season!

Go Sharks,

Tracy Mason
co-team rep
[email protected]


According to Fairfax Parks and Recs rules: 

  • This season, all pools will be unavailable for winter swim rentals on the following 
    holiday weekends:  
    • Thanksgiving (11/27-11/18),  
    • Winter Break (12/25-12/26),  
    • New Year’s (1/1-1/2), and  
    • Easter Weekend (4/16-4/17).