Paseo Aquatics July 2021 News and Notes




July 2021


The U.S. Olympic Swimming Trials gift-wrapped a week of tremendous swims, blistering American records, nail-biting races and new (as well as familiar) names that will carry the torch moving forward. And now we turn our attention to the Tokyo Games, July 23rd – August 8th, where the Olympic dreams for a handful of athletes become a reality-- and the long, dedicated journey to reach the grandest stage of competitive swimming is realized.

Dreams are important. They motivate, energize and provide a reason “Why?” for many athletes, particularly swimmers, where diving into the same body of water and staring at the same black line on the bottom of the pool every day can become excruciatingly parochial. And whether those dreams are one day substantiated or shattered, it’s critical to be reminded that those dreams remain the sole possession of the swimmer. Not the parent.

Olympic summers are the ideal time to refresh an athlete’s goals—and temper a parent’s expectations, which more often than not can tilt to the unrealistic. High expectations are a tremendous stress trigger for young athletes, leading to negative thoughts and poor performance. This, in turn, fosters harsh criticism and creates an unhealthy cycle that can often times be impossible to escape. It is paramount that parents learn their role in a child’s swimming career—and base that role on accurate and realistic expectations.  

500,000 swimmers comprise the USA Swimming database coast to coast. Southern California, the largest of the country’s 59 LSCs, is home to over 25,000 year-round athletes. The chances of any one swimmer qualifying for the U.S. Olympic Trials is 0.2%. That number is reduced significantly when it comes to actually making the U.S. Olympic Team. 

Does this mean your child has no chance whatsoever at achieving success in the sport of swimming? Absolutely not. It’s simply a prudent reminder that levels of success are varied, and can range from Junior Olympic cuts to a college scholarship. Each achievement should be a positive reminder that the road to success comes with numerous rewards— and every one of those rewards should reinforce their reason “Why?”

Let your swimmers dream. Let them dream in color. Just take a back seat and enjoy their path to reality.    

 Jay Wolf


Paseo Aquatics    

USA Swimming Safe Sport and MAAPP

We’ve sent several emails to express the importance of Paseo Aquatics, a USA Swimming club to follow the mandated requirements of the Safe Sport Program in the last few weeks.  As a reminder, ALL athletes aged 13 and Up are REQUIRED to complete the “Safe Sport for Athletes” tutorial and being a Safe Sport recognized club, we need parents to educate themselves as well of the Safe Sport guidelines by taking the “Parent’s Guide to Misconduct in Sport (FKA Safe Sport for Swim Parents).  These can both be accessed via

Once there, click REGISTER or LOGIN in the upper right of the home page, add your name and birthdate, LSC: Southern California Swimming, Club: Paseo Aquatics (you can scroll to find this).  

The athlete’s course is about 45 minutes long and the parent’s course is about 35 minutes long.

Please assist us in continuing to provide a safe swimming environment for our athletes as well as those that we compete against.  We can all agree that our swimmer’s safety is our #1 priority.

In addition, the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy is ALSO a required acknowledgement for ALL athletes.  We sent the form via email a few times recently to all members.  This is REQUIRED for ALL athletes and must be on file prior to our return to water in August, OR the athlete will NOT BE ABLE TO PRACTICE.  If you have not already sent your completed MAAPP Acknowledgement form to [email protected], please do so as soon as possible.  Please do NOT give to your coach, these all need to be emailed to [email protected] to be registered as completed.

This form can be found on our website and has also been included in the emails to all the members.  Here is a copy for your convenience:


Monthly Milestones

Junior 1 & Junior 2:

Bringing Back Tradition

In just a short month one hot summer hit and it hit hard for the juniors. All of our kids have made vast improvements but I think the biggest milestone was watching our discovery group go from a group of only 2 to almost 8 in a month. Seeing our pool filled with Juniors wanting to swim and push themselves harder is so beautiful to see and seeing more and more kids joining the group puts a huge smile on my face. Not only to watch the juniors grow tremendously but also bringing back summer Popsicle Friday for the Juniors. Seeing them all smiling and excited to come in and shatter new times and learn new skills is what I live for. With every single group we have been flourishing with new athletes and it’s a fresh new start to our growing team as I see new families and potential stars not just in our juniors but our team who continues to inspire. We’ve still got along way to go but I as a coach would like to appreciate the parents who have stuck through this crisis and hope they know that just creating memories for all these kids is what I live for.



REMINDER! Effective JANUARY 2020, the HAMMERHEAD SWIM CAPS will be mandatory for ALL DISCOVERY, JUNIOR l and JUNIOR ll swimmers during practice.

70% of head injuries with respect to swimming occur during crowded warm-up lanes and swim practices. Though we cannot remove the potential for accidents—we can minimize the risk of significant head injuries. Hammerhead swim caps provide a shock-absorbing layer of padding for additional protection. 

The mandatory requirement of outfitting our youngest swimmers with the Hammerhead cap will ensure this measure is taken.

If you are in need of the Hammerhead Swim Cap(s), please email [email protected].   Families will be billed accordingly on their Paseo Aquatics team account.

Champs 1:

What an amazing month for the Champs1 program.  We had swim meets at Daland, Buena, & AZ.

During these events, it was a non-stop drop of times with most of the swimmers.

The most exciting races for this group was to watch the duel in the pool between teammates Payton Bartlett and Jack Elliot.  We have affectionately given them nicknames of PayDay, and Jammin Jack.

Both boys have again broken the 50 Fly Team Record Payton landing on top with a 31.49, and Jack with a time of 31.90.  They also went at it in the 100yd Backstroke. This time Jack Elliot finished first with a time of 1.16.75 and Payton Bartlett finished in 1.17.11.  Finally, they gave everyone one more race to cheer on in the 100yd Fly.  Again finishing 1st with a AAA time of 1.12.35 was Payton, and Jack right on his heels with a time of 1.13.44.  Both boys have earned AAA times this season. 

As for a few of the older kids in this group, Jacob Cook 50 Free 28.91, Nicolas Delgado 29.53, and Josiah Lee finishing in 31.05;  all three boys with best times! Jacob also killed the 100 IM in a 1.11.09.

I think the entire Champs1 group has gotten their teammates and the Coaches to stand up and take notice that Champs1 has proven themselves.  I will say how proud I am to have Coached these kids the past year or two.  I look forward to seeing how we end up at the end of the season.  I also would like to shout out to Emily Downs,  Lilly Shepard, Brianna Shannon, Sean Saifi, Savannah Yanez, Victoria Vasquez, Kaya Novack, Charlie Aishoua, and Jaden Alajarin along with the rest of the team. 

These kids have all made milestones this month. 

Congratulations to the Champs1 group!

Champs 2: 

The month of June brought in many great swims from our swimmers! 

First, we had the Daland June Invite in which Ryan Lohmann went under 1:00 in the 100 Freestyle for the first time! At this meet we also had great swims from Gracie Brooke who dropped 26 seconds in the 500 Freestyle, Tobin Carpenterdropped 32 seconds in the 200 IM, Angie Fontaine dropped 7 seconds in her 100 Freestyle, and we had 5 swimmers (Jeanna and Josiah Cerrera, Tyler Stiles, Nadine Fernando, and Ryan Lohmann) swim the 400 IM for the first time! 

Next, the SCS Summer Invite had us see many more drops and great swims from Jaquelyn Bezanilla who dropped over 7 seconds in the 200 Freestyle, Josiah Cerrera dropping over 6 seconds in the 100 Freestyle, Nadine Fernando getting a Senior Development time in the 200 Backstroke, and Tori Heiney who absolutely BLASTED her old times out of the park with a 9 second drop in the 100 Back, 7 seconds in the 100 Fly, and over 8 seconds in the 100 Free. This meet was truly unforgettable for Tori as she has decided to follow her heart with gymnastics, so this was her last race and we wholeheartedly wish her success in the sport!!!!  

Finally, this month wrapped up with the FAST Last Chance meet in Arizona where Jaquelyn Bezanilla and Gracie Brooke both did amazing! Jaquelyn dropped over 23 seconds in the 200 Breast and Gracie dropped over 8 seconds in the 100 Back and 200 Free as well as a MASSIVE drop of over 1 minute and 16 seconds in the 400 Free. 

This month has been absolutely unforgettable and I can’t contain my excitement with how well everyone is doing! Now that we are starting up dryland again, I anxiously wait for the next meet to see how everyone continues to develop! 

  • Coach Asia =



As for the Bronze group, I first want to say, Great Job, to those kids who have made practice at 2:15 PM, right in the middle of the day in the 105 degrees  and up temperatures.  I would especially like to congratulate

some of the kids who have all dropped time this month, Hunter Habeger, Brooke Harnish, Maddie Hurst, Lexi Alexandra, Nate Patel, Emily Ryken, Joely Smith, and Angelina Teymouri.  All of these kids have gone to meets this season and have all shown improvement.  I am looking forward to the kids all returning from JG's, vacation, or just taking time off.  We have moved into our SPEED phase of training and these kids are looking ready to swim fast at the end of the season.  I will say with no hesitation that the Bronze group is one of my favorite groups I have been able to coach here at Paseo Aquatics.  I look forward to the beginning of a fall season where we can all get back to a later schedule of workouts and return to more meets as a group.   A few milestones this month.  Starting with Joely Smith dropping time in her 100yd Free in 1.04.01, 50yd Free in 28.49, 200 Free and 100 Breast all at the Buen/SCS Summer invite, along with Emily Ryken a 30.9 in her 50 Free and having an amazing meet in AZ.  Nate Patel improving in 4 events at Daland June invite. Lexi Kranian best in 3 events at Buena including the 50 Free in 27.85, 100 Free in 1.02.34, and the 200 Free with a 2.20.03. Brooke Harnish 100 Free in 1.04.23. A great job for all of the Bronze kids.  

Remember," Success is different for everyone, and if you do not quit, you will not loose". 

  • Coach Jimmy


June is a tough month of training and swimmers are sore on a day-to-day basis. Despite the fact we had a good showing where they swam either right at their best time or a small drop. 

But let's give a special shoutout to all swimmers who crushed the meet

Andrea Lam for joining the 27 50 free club and getting a hefty drop in the 200 back going 2:25.58

Jeremy Lawas dropping over 6 seconds in the 100 breast going a 1:10.93

Bret Bezanilla dropping over 20 seconds in the 500 free going a 5:33.65

Ellie Brungard despite being sick most of the week had a huge drop in her 200 back going 2:34.47, over 17 seconds faster than her previous best.

We are trending in the right direction and super excited for our July championship meet.

Sr. 1:  

Like the silver group June is a very tough training month and the athletes are beat down and they will be for a few more weeks right before we start to rest and get geared up for our championship meet. We prioritize training in the month of June and mid July as we ramp up for our big meets in July.

However, these swimmers have really stood out in practice.

Sebastian Petho, Daniel Ludlow, Jordy Lozada and Adam Meldrum have really set the tone for practice on a day-to-day basis and bring their A game to every practice. They also lift the energy and push the pace of practice too.

Notable mentions- After having a slow start to begin our summer season Ashlyn Walters, Alex bell, Cate Hindman, Emily Drossel and Delaney Cowan have started to build momentum through the weeks.

Overall, we are starting to come together slowly and we are excited for the Santa Barbara meet, Sectionals, JOs and Futures!


On the Performance Side 

Speedo Grand Challenge down in Irvine saw plenty of great swims coming from Ayden Reading, Thomas Hadji, Mathew Chan, Cameron Snowden, Jacob Aina, Michael Andrizzi, Konrad Antoniuk and Mono Leuthard.  Konrads 200M Fly really sticks out to me. Between prelims and finals we watched video review of his race, made a stroke adjustment and a technique change and he was able to cut about 8 complete strokes from the whole race. This type of progress is exciting and fun to develop into new best times.

Next Cut Notables

Thomas Hadji in the 100M Back and Cameron Snowden in the 50M free were very close to qualification cuts into the Winter Junior National meet. Jacob Aina earned his Summer Juniors cut. These cut levels are just two cuts down from Olympic Trials. Mono Leuthard, swam to his Senior National cut.

The Daily Grind

Let’s talk about training. June and most of July is going to be a solid spell of training.  The Senior group as a whole we decided to forgo some competitions and long weekends away to really focus in on Sectionals and Futures. We will be spending our time on developing good habits that eventually lead to success.

I am really excited to see where we land, every day I see progress from Bryant Lee, Andy Park, Ayden Reading, David Kugler, Alyssa Hamilton, Luke Bezanilla, Ody Iamprianidis and River Maners

New Welcomes to Senior 2

This month brought Sydney Zancanaro into the Senior 2 group. We welcomed her with open arms and it’s nice to see her settling in and getting to work.

Community Outreach

As our community slowly gets back to “normal” we are looking forward to reaching out and lending a Paseo Aquatics hand to those in need.  Look for opportunities in our upcoming monthly News and Notes!

“The sport of swimming is comprised of two different distinct set of skills – technical skills and mental skills.  As a swimmer, you simply cannot succeed without both of these working together in harmony.”

6 Things Swimmers Can Do for More Mental Toughness

Each month we will offer a segment on Parent Education, hoping to share insight and information on becoming the best possible parent-of-a-club-swimmer you can be. This month’s article ties in with the recent conclusion of the Olympic Trials and delves deep into the psyche of these swimmers, the challenges mentally and physically, that can work for or against the athletes in swims ahead.  As our athletes continue to strive for “cuts” at the next levels of their swim careers, please keep in mind their emotional and physical well-being in moving forward.

Please click on the below!

The Emotional Trials of Olympic Trials


To All Athlete’s:  Importance of Hydration and Refueling the Body

  • Coach Daiki Sato, Head Age-Group Coach


Hydration- It is so important for these athletes to stay hydrated before, during and after practice. It makes a big difference when athletes stay hydrated all day vs when they try to guzzle down water right before or during practice. Our body does not absorb liquid that fast at the cellular level so consistent hydration MATTERS! Next, as the summer gets hot and training gets tougher it is so important to supply the athletes with electrolytes rather than just water. When we say electrolytes, we are not talking about the bottle of sugar like Gatorade or Powerade. These drinks often times have about 30 grams or more of sugar in them (which is the daily capped amount for adults). It’s good to choose better alternatives such as Body Armour which contains half the amount of sugar as the other products mentioned or the best alternative, the powdered electrolytes such as, Liquid IV, Ultima and etc. You get all the benefits without the all the added sugar.

Refueling the body after practice- This is another key component to training. After a hard training session the muscles are torn and long for food to help them repair. It’s good to have some protein within 30 minutes of the conclusion of a workout. Whether it is a protein shake, protein bar, beef jerky, etc. This will also help curve some of your swimmer’s appetite so they are not Hangry on the way home :). 

These are some great and easy ways for athletes to help support themselves through a grueling training season. Remember training is not just what you do at practice. Staying hydrated, eating well, sleeping well, stretching, refueling the body and meditation are all essential aspects of training as well. 


July 2021 Meets (Please note these are as of June 28th, please visit website frequently, as clubs are adding meets consistently as LA County continues to open up)

Santa Barbara Invitational

Friday, July 9th – Sunday, July 11th

Los Banos Del Mar Pool

401 Shoreline Drive

Santa Barbara, CA

Parking across street at Pershing Park OR Paid Parking in Harbor Lots

Groups:  All swimmers that qualify


Summer CA/NV Sectionals

Thursday, July 15th – Sunday, July 18th

Janet Evans Swim Complex

801 W Valencia Drive

Fullerton, CA. 92932

Groups: All swimmers that qualify (usually Silver and higher groups, please reference Meet file on the site) 


Summer Junior Olympics

Thursday, July 22nd – Sunday, July 25th

Santa Clarita Sport Complex

Groups: All swimmers that qualify


USA Swimming Futures Championship

Thursday, July 28th – Sunday, July 31st

Santa Clarita Sports Complex

Groups: This is a high-performance meet, with qualifying standards Futures Cuts and higher (Sr1 & Sr2 qualifying athletes)