Two Structural Changes: Coaches Seth Urffer and Matt Beckwith

Hello EMAC

EMAC is making a huge foundational change.  On July 7th, we are breaking ground on a project that will make us the only team in the history of the Lehigh Valley to own their own indoor water year-round. 

With this foundational change, EMAC is also making two strategic structural changes to continually evolve and improve upon our service to our members.   These moves will take effect August 1.

Director of Development:  Coach Seth Urffer

The EMAC USA Swim Team and EMAC Swim Lesson coaching staffs believe that a main area of focus needs to be bridging the gap between learn-to-swim and competitive swimming.  To serve that end, we are creating a new position, Director or Development, and I am assigning Coach Seth to this position. 

In this new role, Coach Seth will have three primary objectives:

  1. Collaborate with Coach Marty on swim lesson design and instructor education.
  2. Collaborate with Coaches Marty and Jason on integration of swim lessons and 8&U program.
  3. Serve as a main assistant within our Age Group Program.

Head Age Group Coach:  Coach Matt Beckwith

Matt has incredible experience as a former NCAA DI Assistant Coach, Head Age Group Coach, and Head USA Swimming Coach.

In several lengthy discussions with Coach Matt, I had the opportunity to speak candidly with him about his strengths, his intended contribution to EMAC, and his two years removed from coaching.  Here are some thoughts from Matt:

In my two years away from coaching, I was able to reevaluate my priorities and reconnect with my why.  I feel like I have found a team and a coaching staff that align perfectly with those priorities.  I'm excited to collaborate with EMAC coaches and administration as we determine how to best grow from here.

Matt is returning from his two years away from the pool with improved perspective as well as enhanced education relevant to both performance and wellness.   

In his role as Head Age Group Coach, Matt will have multiple areas of focus:

  1. Head Age Group Coach
  2. Strength/Wellness Coordinator
  3. Social Media Coordinator
  4. Open Water Swimming Director
  5. Collaboration with all coaches to enhance EMAC programs

See a more detailed BIO on Coach Matt HERE. 

New Progams/Services

These two moves plus our facility will also enable EMAC to add many programs.  Here are a few that we are looking to add in this up-coming season:

  1. Open Water Swimming
  2. Elite Technique Swim Clinics
  3. Strength Clinics
  4. Private Competitive Lesson

Message From CEO

Please know that at all times we are evaluating how to do it better.  In my four years as Head Coach/CEO, EMAC has experienced tremendous growth.  Still, we need to view this this moment as the starting point of what we are to become.  Know that for a person or organization to evolve, "change" must be an important constant.  

THANK YOU to every swimmer, parent, alumni, BoD member, staff member for all of your contributions.  With your continued support, the sky is the limit for our organzation and our members.  




Coach Doug