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Park Paseo Meet Report - July 10, 2021

 Park Paseo Meet Report – July 10, 2021

The Park Paseo Northstars held another intrasquad meet today after taking last weekend off for 4th of July. Andrew Teh improved upon his own record in the men’s 15-18 individual medley, coming in at 55.37 seconds.

Time improvements were again the highlight of the meet, with swimmers improving in 156 races! Olivia Tamayo had the biggest improvement of the day, taking off 27.65 seconds in the girls 5-6 breaststroke. Kade Baker dropped 23.50 seconds in the boys 5-6 backstroke, giving him a first-place finish and ISL qualifying time. Also dropping over 20 seconds in a race were Emily Nauli (-26.84 girls 9-10 backstroke), Katelyn Williams (-21.85 girls 7-8 breaststroke), Sienna Patel (-21.36 girls 5-6 breaststroke), Dean Saez (-21.10 boys 5-6 freestyle), and Joshua Gima (-20.88 boys 9-10 individual medley). Two swimmers had double-digit drops in two of their races. Maya Buvan knocked off 17.25 seconds in the girls 5-6 butterfly and 11.62 in freestyle. Anh Truong dropped 19.91 seconds in the girls 13-14 individual medley and 14.52 in butterfly.

Swimmers who improved by more than 10 seconds in a race were Azra Buvan, Luke Carns, Milan Chen, Stella Chitra, Annabelle Fattman, Oliver Hanaoka, RJ Hogan, Busra Mercan, Zack Nelsen, Angelina Van Velden, Rocco Vena, Sammy Vienneau, Tanya Vinujudson, and Oliver Walton.

There were 23 swimmers with time improvements in all three of their races today, including Maya Buvan, Sarah Chao, Milan Chen, Trevor Cheng, Jackie Edney, Rachel Gima, Oliver Hanaoka, Anaya Hundal, Avyaan Hundal, Aaron Josenhans, Ava Josenhans, Owen Lo, Busra Mercan, Natalie Miller, Keira Patel, Izumi Renshus, James Taylor, Anh Truong, Rocco Vena, Sammy Vienneau, Yeowon Yoon, Karlisha Yu, and Chloe Zhao.

Another 29 swimmers improved in two races, including Kade Baker, Luke Carns, Chris Chen, Peyton Cheng, CJ Cowgill, Andrew Do, Audrey Do, Vicky Edney, Efe Elmas, Annabelle Fattman, Aditi Gupta, RJ Hogan, Brynna Hsia, Harman Kalra, Clive Kim, Ally Lao, Nyah Lin, Leo Lo, Grace Markus, Sienna Patel, Simran Patel, Olivia Tamayo, Angelina Van Velden, Lincoln Vienneau, Tanya Vinujudson, Maggie Walton, Oliver Walton, Katelyn Williams, and Zhongwen Zhang.

The 29 swimmers with one time improvement were Chaitra Ayinampudi, Azra Buvan, Jackson Carns, Zach Carns, Josh Chao, Ellie Chen, Erin Chen, Stella Chitra, Anna Cho, Joshua Gima, Jalen Hsia, Andrew Ma, Matthew Ma, Azra Mercan, Travis Miller, Emily Nauli, Marcel Nauli, Zack Nelsen, Kristoffer Renshus, Dean Saez, Matt Siap, Devynn Slater, Parsa Tamadon, Charlee Taylor, Andrew Teh, Sophia Trinh, Andrew Van Velden, Abishek Vinujudson, and Harry Wu.

Northstars qualified for the championship meet in 62 races today. Swimmers earning their firs t qualifying times of the season were Andrew Do (boys 9-10 backstroke), Vicky Edney (girls 9-10 breaststroke), Clive Kim (boys 9-10 breaststroke), James Taylor (boys 7-8 breaststroke), Sammy Vienneau (girls 9-10 backstroke), and Yeowon Yoon (boys 13-14 breaststroke). Twelve swimmers who had previously qualified met the champs standard in new events today, including Kade Baker, Brawlin Carey, Sarah Chao, Erin Chen, Brynna Hsia, Deron Hsia, Avyaan Hundal, Aaron Josenhans, Harman Kalra, Owen Lo, Kristoffer Renshus, and Karlisha Yu.

Seven Northstars finished first in all of their races today, including Kade Baker, Andre Gao, Aditi Gupta, Brynna Hsia, Nyah Lin, Andrew Teh, and Noah Villanueva. The swimmers finishing in the top three in every race were Maya Buvan, Brawlin Carey, Luke Carns, Sarah Chao, Erin Chen, Peyton Cheng, Trevor Cheng, Rachel Gima, Deron Hsia, Jalen Hsia, Ariana Hundal, Avyaan Hundal, Aaron Josenhans, Harman Kalra, Tyler Lin, Owen Lo, Natalie Miller, Keira Patel, Simran Patel, Izumi Renshus, Devynn Slater, Parsa Tamadon, Olivia Tamayo, James Taylor, Rocco Vena, Maggie Walton, Karlisha Yu, Zhongwen Zhang, and Chloe Zhao. Additional swimmers who finished first in at least one race were Chris Chen, Danny Constandse, Andrew Do, Vicky Edney, Anaya Hundal, Ally Lao, Anh Truong, and Sammy Vienneau.

Five swimmers set times in all or some of their events for the first time this season, including Brody Bautista, Juliette Fattman, Nathan Lao, Esra Mercan, Eric Tamayo, and Eddy Wu. Also giving it their all today were Leo Burger, Alex Chin, Gautham Dama, Manvir Kalra, Aaron Soleimani, and Kenan Uzun.