Dolphin All Star Qualifiers Thru Week 4

After week 4 we are up to 23 swimmers with All Star Times covering 47 events.  On Saturday Isaac Soliman and Veronica Ivanoskaya acchieved their first All Star Times in Breast while Milana Fenati achieved her first All Star Time in Free.  Current All Star Swimmers adding to their totals where Caleb Davis in IM, Kaitlyn Hunter and Sophia Witt in Free, Drew Beabout in Breast and Taya Ivanoskaya in Fly.  Our 8 & Under swimmers came on strong this week but our 15-18 age group is still leading the way with 11 All Star Swimmers....


8 & Under
Stone Cox                        Back, Fly
Milana Fenati                   Free
Joshua Hill                       Back
Emerson Hunkeler           Free, Back, Fly
Isaac Soliman                  Breast
Caleb Davis                      IM, Breast, Fly
Laney Derrenbacher        Free, Back
Maddie Inman                   IM, Free, Back, Fly
Taya Ivanovskaya             IM, Free, Breast, Fly
Kylie Sherwood                Back
Andew Botti                      Back
Kate Miller                        IM,Breast
Drew Beabout                  Back, Breast
Ian Green                         Breast
Brandon Hebert               Fly
Connor Hebert                 IM, Free, Back, Fly
Sadie Hebert                    Fly
Kaitlyn Hunter                  IM, Free, Back, Fly
Sophia Iorio                      Breast
Veronica Ivanoskaya       Breast
Carly Sebring                   IM, Free, Back, Fly
Adele Sherlock                Back
Sophia Witt                      Free, Fly