AMeet and Divisionals, pics, winter swim and more

Sooooo, it's been a few weeks since I sent out an email blast and there's lots to say so bear with me...

1) Wed. meet and socials recap
2) Picture sourcing
3) Sat meet volunteers
4) Divisionals
5) Banquet RSVP and requests

Despite some crazy weather, we were able to get all our Wed. meets in this season. Thanks to all of you for sticking it out this past week with the delayed start and chairs on the hill. This past Wed., the thunder we heard wasn't from the rain, it was from our fans all cheering like crazy for our amazing swimmers. We've had so many little flippers earn their special shark medal for their first successful 25 free and 25 back and 25 breast stroke swims it's made my heart so very happy. Hope you've enjoyed watching our swimmers shift from nervous to takes time and patience, and BRAVERY, which our sharks definitely showed over the season. Speaking of brave, we also had a few mixed gender heats which always brings fast times. Great job, Sharks and thank you to the coaches and mentors who encourage our swimmers.

SPEAKING OF FAST TIMES, have you seen the big barometer and list of personal bests at the pool? (thanks to Dave and Taye Kelly, Pam Korzak and Megan Soyster Heinz) we've been tracking how many total seconds our swimmers have dropped from their time trials attempts and the personal bests they've achieved. Last Wed's meet was a yard pool vs the meter pool we have so we are still working on converting the times for the PBs but we will get them asap. If the swimmers as a whole group reach a goal of 2000 total seconds dropped, our coaches will get to have the ceremonial pie in the face one day of practice during the week leading up to allstars (yes, your divisional time personal bests can count!) So keep swimming fast and striving for those Personal Best green ribbons.

Thanks to our parent volunteers for yummy pasta night and tonight's ice cream sundaes -- Pasta team leads, Beth Olibah and Lorig Kevorkian, and Lindsey Ryan, and Rania Ali), and Ice Cream Social Lead Zabia Daamash, and Diane Benevento and Stacy Daley

Have you joined our Chase Club Sharks facebook group yet? Visit the page to see pics from the meets and social events from the season and please feel free to share any photos you've taken (pls identify the swimmers in the photos so we can track them for the slide show in process. Speaking of slide show, please, please, please take and share your summer swim memories from the season Swimming team slideshow:   Upload photos and help us share your stories now through July 21st  via this link

MEET NEWS: Sat vs Countryside and divisionals at Ashfield Farms (the site of our first meet).
Great news...thanks to an 8-lane pool, we get to have more swimmers participate for the last Sat. meet before divisionals. As Coach Laura mentioned, we must ask all volunteers to re-sign up for this Sat. meet as any previous signups were inadvertently removed.

And now for a dump:
- Volunteer sign up is now available in the system. Because of the number of swimmers at this meet, only volunteers will be allowed on deck (with deck marshalls who will really enforce it) so sign up now to get your good seat for the action. Again, all parents with swimmers in the pool should volunteer for at least one spot.

- We can pre-order shirts for a discounted price this year. Divisionals T-Shirts are available to pre-order for a discounted price of $15. The deadline for pre-orders is Wednesday, July 21. Pre-orders after this time will be charged a higher price. Organizers suggest that each team’s T-shirt volunteer should collect money from
swimmers by Friday morning, July 23, in order to have a single check ready for Saturday, July 24. Then the team bags will be distributed on Saturday, July 24 when full payment is received. The link to pre-order is below:
To get a shirt in advance for the lower price, you must both 1) sign up at the above link and 2) provide your tshirt payment to either Tracy Mason (co-team rep) / Heather McLeish (treasurer) or a tshirt coordinator volunteer yet to be identified (you can sign up to coordinate this BEFORE the divisionals meet/by Monday, 7/19 and it will count as your volunteer shift!) T-shirts will also be available the day of the meet, but the price will not be discounted so pre-orders are encouraged.
Not sure what strokes to do for divisionals? Check with the coaches and your swimmers. Our final event entries are due by Monday, 7/19 to the league and substitutions are limited so please plan ahead.

Last week, Kuan and Vi Sagaow, this year's swim banquet chair, sent out anemail (on July 12 around 4pm) with a sign up genius to get your rsvp for the banquet to be held on Sat. night 7/24. Please use this link to share whether you can attend and the number of family members joining you. It's super important to make sure we have enough of the catered meal and you won't want to miss the fun, awards and end of the season slide show. Plus we will need extra tables, chairs and tents. Please let us know which of these you can bring ahead of time for the set up team.

Also, FEAR NOT! You have not missed the winter swim program registration--it's not opened yet. We submitted our requests into the Fairfax County Parks and Rec lottery for Sunday nights but don't have a confirmed place and time from them yet. We will keep you posted when we learn more. A reminder, registration will be open first to those 8 and older swimmers who legally can swim at least two strokes who provided their preliminary interest. Then we will open up to younger and other swimmers with 2 legal strokes.  We will send the sign up information to these groups via email and text if you have your SMS cell number in the system as soon as we know more.

Looking forward to seeing you on deck for a great Little Flipper Olympics and hoping to finish the season strong with this Saturday's meet.

Goooo, Sharks!
Tracy Mason
Team co-rep

If you can't find the email and the banquet rsvp link above doesn't work, try this long form version: