Commentary by SPY Swimmer Josie Wise:"The Values Found in YMCA Swimming"

Commentary by SPY Swimmer Josie Wise, Swimming World Magazine Intern:

"The Values Found in YMCA Swimming"

Josie Wise was selected among many high school and collegiate applicants for Summer Internship position with Swimming World Magazine. This is her third article that she has written for Swimming World Magazine. Josie will be a senior at Global Impact Stem Academy. Besides swimming for our Springfield Family YMCA, she  also swims for Greenon High School Swim Team. 



Enjoy this Great READ:

"The National YMCA Competitive Swimming program is a long-standing pillar of competitive swimming that should not be underestimated when looking at the sport. YMCA swimming stands out in its ability to produce athletes that are not only fast swimmers but also capable leaders and valuable community members. The experiences that young athletes encounter during their time at the Y follow them throughout the rest of their lives – which is often at the next level of swimming. It’s hard to imagine what competitive swimming would look like today without the YMCA..........."

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