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Day 2 at States 2 new team record/State Champion

Day two produces 2 more Team Records and a State Champion.

Wells Cloud (14) won the 200m Freestyle with a new team record time of 2:00.73. Wells also teamed up with his mates, Zane Ransford, Daniyal, and Parker Hamilton placing 4th in the 400 Medley relay with a new team record of 4:30.16.

Other SMRT Swimmers scoring:

Zane Ransford (13) 100m Fly 3rd, 200m Free 11th

Daniyal Eldridge (13) 100m Fly 6th, 100m Breast 17th

Carson Hyder (10) 200m Free 2nd, 200m IM 4th, 50m Fly 12th 

Reves Sidebottom (9) 200m Free 9th, 50m Fly 13th

Sophia Evans (10) 100m Breast 7th, 50m Fly 8th, 200m Free 12th

Soleil Smith (10) 100m Breast 9th, 50m Fly 10th

Marley Moore (9) 100m Breast 16th

Ella Sidebottom (9) 200m IM 16th

Lily Burnette (14) 200 Free 15th

Emma Durham (13) 100m Fly 4th, 200m Free 14th

Cecilia Ford (14) 200 Free 13th

Isa Jickling (12) 200m Free 6th, 50m Fly 10th

Judith Suttle (12) 200m Free 14th

Carley Foust (12) 50m Fly 5th, 200m Free 16th

Phoebe Hayes 200m Free 15th

Jake Calvert (12) 50m Fly 7th, 200m Free 13th

Jude Nicksic (12) 200m Free 15th, 50m Fly 15th

Reid Scott (11) 200m Free 16th


11 - 12 Girls 200 Medley Relay 5th (Judith Suttle, Phoebe Hayes, Isa Jickling, Carley Foust

11 - 12 Boys 200 Medley Relay 5th (Andres Jakymiw, Jude Nicksic, Jake Calvert, Reid Scott)

13 - 14 Girls 400 Medley Relay 7th (Lily Burnette, Louisa Halford, Emma Durham, Cecilia Ford

The Team currently sits in 5th place over all with 866.5 points