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Tsunami Olympics! July 24th

We had a change occur with our last home meet of the 2021 season. Fair Oaks will not be joining us at our pool, but we are excited to bring to you the first ever Tsunami Olympics! 
Our coaches are looking forward to seeing everyone at our swim meet on July 24th. We're going to run it like a normal meet but it's going to have the feel of swimming at champs! It's our very own version of SWIM CHAMPS! It's also the perfect opportunity for those swimmers that are close to breaking Tsunami records. 
We are also going to run some fun relays during the morning and you (parents and swimmers alike) will get the chance to sign up for them thia week!
As this is our only swim meet at home, it's important that we run all of the Parent volunteer jobs that normally occur at our meets. This is the chance to learn about all the jobs that occur at swim meets. We'll be running a snack bar and hospitality. We'll be running timers and backup timers. We'll be running computers/Colorado. If you haven't been contributing to the volunteer jobs yet, this is the best time to learn! 
Let's bring the wave to our last meet and celebrate the past few months that we spent together during this crazy time! 
Please make sure to mark your swimmer as either COMMITTED or DECLINED. (Please note that UNDECLARED is not telling us your intention.) You also have the ability to sign up for the jobs that we need to fill so log into TeamUnify or OnDeck now!