Aulea Weekly Schedule

Aloha all!


Great job to all swimmers to all swimmers in the Oahu Swim Invitational!


Meet recap coming soon. Here is the schedule next week:

Intro I/II: M/W at kokokahi (4:00-4:40 and 4:40-5:20) and Sat/Sun (3:15-4:00)

Bronze: M/W (5:20-6:30) and TH (5:00-6:00), Sat (1:00-2:00); all at Kokokahi 

Silver: W/F (5:30-6:45) at District Park; Thursday: (6:00-7:00) at Kokokahi; Saturday (2:05-3:15) at Kokokahi

Gold: M/T/W/F: 5:20-6:40 at district park; Sunday (1:00-2:30) at Kokokahi

Junior: T-F (5:10-6:50) at District Park

Senior/Elite: M-F (5:00-7:00 at District Park); W (5:50-7:00 AM) at LJA; Sat (7:00-8:45 AM) at LJA