Elections for Athlete Reps are Open! All 13 & Over swimmers should vote!

New Mexico Swimming Board of Directors
Athlete Representative Elections
July 23-25, 2021

Four new Athlete Representatives (Senior Athlete Representative, Junior Athlete
Representative, and two At-Large Representatives) will be elected to the New Mexico
Swimming Board of Directors. The four positions will be filled based on total number of
votes earned and candidates’ stated preference for particular positions. All New Mexico
Swimming athletes age 13 & over are eligible to vote.

Voting will take place via electronic voting from July 23, 2021 at 12pm to July 25, 2021
at 12pm by clicking here. Results will be announced during Sunday Finals at the 14 &
Under State Championships and published on the New Mexico Swimming website.
Before casting your vote, please read below for each candidate’s personal statement.


Carson Hick, Los Alamos Aquatomics
I am interested in serving on the NM swimming BOD because I want to make New
Mexico swimming better and more fun for the athletes involved. I have also been
interested in developing leadership skills. I participate in other volunteer organizations
and opportunities for leadership are rare. When this opportunity arose it excited me
because I want to represent my fellow athletes.

Ethan Manske, Santa Fe Aquatics
Recently, I became a member of the New Mexico Swimming Governance Committee.
Even after just three meetings, I have discovered that the New Mexico LSC has a lot of
work that needs to be done. From following USA Swimming guidelines to running meets
effectively, we are by no means a perfectly run LSC. As a NM athlete who has gone to
Age Group Western Zones in August three times to swim (2016, 2017, and 2018), and
has competed in multiple meets extending above zones, I feel that I am qualified to be a
part of the Board of Directors as the senior representative and work with matters such
as coordinating the zones meet. I remember as a 14 & Under how important this zones
meet was not only to me, but to my friends around me. I want to help make this
experience as enjoyable as possible for the rising swimmers as well as introduce them
to high level swimming in a fun and exciting way while making friends from teams all
over NM! In addition to helping with zones, I feel that I can be an effective voice for the
athletes of New Mexico, especially for the smaller teams. Santa Fe Aquatics is
composed of around fifty people. Also, Santa Fe does not host very many meets, and
many other small teams do not host meets. This can make it somewhat difficult for the
smaller teams to get any say in matters that may be brought up in meetings with
coaches about the New Mexico LSC. Albuquerque does have a lot of teams and
deserves a lot of representation, but I want to fight to make sure the small teams are not
under represented and forgotten about when meeting with the BOD. These are my
goals if I am elected to serve on the New Mexico Swimming Board of Directors.

Isabel Orem, Charger Aquatics
Ever since I began swimming competitively, I noticed the sense of community that swim
teams provide. Being a part of this community means being able to let go and simply
swim through any anxiety or pain that one is feeling. Being able to let your true self
come through to those you really trust. Being able to be a part of a second family. All of
these are why being part of a team is so important, even if it isn’t about the sport itself. I
believe that no matter what, each team member should have a say in their community,
about what they experience and how they feel. No matter the age, orientation, affiliation,
each individual should be an equal. That means that everyone from 8-and-under to
senior swimmers have a voice in their environment and community. I want each
swimmer to be able to feel free when they come to practice everyday, and not have to
worry about what is happening at school or home. Each swimmer should have the
opportunity, no matter where they come from, to seek help from coaches, friends, and
professionals in athlete mental and physical health. One of my primary goals if elected
Senior or Junior Athlete Representative, is to have a voice in increasing availability for
all athletes to find help if they really need it, or are just needing someone to talk to. This
could be done by recruiting medical professionals for swim teams throughout New
Mexico for all athletes to use virtually or in-person at their convenience. I believe that if
this is done, there would be a reduction in athlete anxiety, and a drastic improvement in
more athletes' mental and physical well being. For a team to be successful, it doesn’t
necessarily mean that they have fast athletes, train hard, and only think about
swimming, it means that they have a community of athletes and coaches that support
one another and view each individual as more than an athlete in a race, but also who
they are as a person.

Mario Sumali, Albuquerque Dolphins
For as long as I can remember, I’ve been swimming competitively in New Mexico. And
in that time, I’ve witnessed the incredible things that New Mexico swimming has to offer.
New Mexico, unlike large states such as California, hosts only a handful of aquatic complexes (most of which we can name off the top of our heads). Our state has a close-knit group of swimmers that actively support each other and push each other to swim faster and achieve more. We, as swimmers, recognize each other’s talent and hard
work. The community that’s been built off the sport is nothing short of astounding, and
something I truly cherish. If I become a member of the New Mexico Swimming Board of
Directors, I will push to make changes that will improve the quality of swimming and
maintain the precedents of what we love. I, and many others, would lead completely
different lives without the sport of swimming and I will forever be indebted to the people
who coach swimmers, organize meets, and those who push themselves to beat records
and achieve the impossible. I want to give back and support a community that has
personally changed my life for the better.


Voting will take place via electronic voting from July 23, 2021 at 12pm to July 25, 2021
at 12pm by clicking here  .  Results will be announced during Sunday Finals at the 14 &
Under State Championships and published on the New Mexico Swimming website.

Writen by: Jeanette Scott, NMS Governance Committee Chair