Meet Report for 2021 SWOYSL Long Course Championship


Southwest Ohio Y Swim League’s Long Course Championship

For 13-14 and 15-Older Age Groups at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio 

For 8& Unders, 9-10, and 11-12 Age Groups at Powel Crosley YMCA in Cincinnati, Ohio

Combined Results:

Team Standings at  Championship out of 15 teams:

SPY Placed 6th OVERALL with 1704 points

Our Boys Team placed 7th and Our Girls Team placed 7th

We had 48 swimmers racing like they were on TEAM USA with that Olympic Vibe. 35 of our 48 SPY swimmers scored individually. Our relays did great in every age group that we competed.

Our 13-14 Girls Team placed third in their Age Group Division

  • All Girls contributed individually with points
  • 200 Free Relays: "A" placed 3rd & "B" placed 9th so in Top 10
  • 200 Medley Relay "A" placed 4th
  • Aubrey Conkel,Penelope Derr,Cassidy Gifford, Mackenzie Gifford, Alaina Jacquemin, Laina Lambert, Emmie Scribben, Alyssa Shaffer

Our Medal Count:

Gold Medal & Event Champion aka 1st Place in Event

  • Penelope Derr: 200m Breast; 100m Breast; 50m Breast
  • Evan Blazer: 200m Free; 100m Free; 50m Free
  • Kaylee Price: 100m Free
  • Lola Derr: 200m IM, 50m Breast; 50m Back; 50m Fly
  • 15 & Older 200m Free Relay: Jarrett Payne, Jaden Humphrey,Christian Narcelles, Evan Blazer

Silver Medal aka 2nd place in Event

  • Jarrett Payne: 200m IM
  • Finnigan Wilson: 50m Breast
  • Senior MIXED 200m Medley Relay: Reese Turner, Christian Narcelles, Jarrett Payne, Kayle Price
  • Senior Boys 400m Medley Relay: Chase Fyffe, Christian Narcelles, Jarrett payne, Evan Blazer

Bronze Medal aka 3rd place in Event

  • Senior Boys 800m Free Relay: Jarrett Payne, Christian Narcelles, Jaden Humphrey, Evan Blazer
  • 8& Under Girls 200m Medley Relay: Riley Cook, Olympia Derr, Aubrey Lee, Avan Jones
  • Boys 15& older 200m Medley Relay:Jaden Humphrey, Jarrett Payne, Chase Fyffe, Evan Blazer
  • 13-14 Girls 200m Free Relay: Penelope Derr, Laina Lambert, Cassidy Gifford, Alaina Jacquemin
  • Reese Turner: 100m Back,
  • Christian Naracelles: 200m Breast
  • Jarrett Payne: 100m Fly; 100m Free
  • Aubrey Clark: 50m Breast
  • Lola Derr: 100m Back
  • Aubrey Lee: 50m Back
  • Kaylee Price: 50m Free
  • Laina Lambert: 50m Breast


Evan Blazer with TWO Individual records> 15-18 Boys 50m Free 24.27 and 15-18 Boys 100 Free 52.47 

MIXED 200M Medley Relay 1:55.12 > Bk: Reese Turner, Br: Christian Narcelles, Fly: Jarrett Payne, Fr: Kaylee Price

Senior Boys 400m Medley Relay 4:05.74> Bk: Chase Fyffe, Br: Christian Narcelles, Fly: Jarrett Payne, Fr: Evan Blazer

Senior Boys 800m Free Relay 8:19.94> Jarrett Payne, Jaden Humphrey, Christian Narcelles, Evan Blazer

15 & Older (Senior) 200 Free Relay 1:38.29> Jarrett Payne, Jaden Humphrey, Christian Narcelles, Evan Blazer

  • The 200m Free relay also set NEW SWOYSL Championship Meet Record

Swimmers with 100 % Lifetime Best in all their individual events:

Emily Bennett, Evan Blazer, Ruby Clark, Aubrey Conkel, Delaney Conkel, Ian Conkel, Riley Cooke, Dylan Day, Penelope Derr, Chase Fyffe, Alaina Jacquemin, Laina Lambert, Aubery Lee, Madi Lee, Griffin Lotton, Addison Payne, Megan Robinson, Emily Tropp, Reese Turner, Finnigan Wilson

Swimmers achieving 60% or Better for Lifetime Best:

Aubrey Clark, Lola Derr, Olympia Derr, Alana Derringer, Cassidy Gifford, Mackenzie Gifford, Will Howard, Averie Jacquemin, Aven Jones, Madix Milam, Marley Milam, Matti Milam, Emma Moore, Christian Narcelles, Andrew Oates, Jarrett Payne, Kaylee Price, Emmie Scribben, Alyssa Shaffer, Allie Stuckey 

Team’s Top Scorers over 50 points individually

  • Lola Derr 111 points
  • Evan Blazer 91 points
  • Penelope Derr 73 points
  • Jarrett Payne 73 points
  • Aubrey Lee 69 points
  • Reese Turner 67 points
  • Griffin Lotton 65 points
  • Christian Narcelles 64 points
  • Kaylee Price 54 points

Our SPY's Age Group High Points Scorers:

  • 8 & U Girls: 1. Aubrey Lee, 2. Olympia Derr, TIED for 3. Riley Cook & Aven Jones
  • 8 & U Boys: 1.Madix Milam
  • 9-10 Girls: 1. Aubrey Clark, 2. Elizabeth Hill, 3. Allie Stuckey
  • 9-10 Boys: 1. Will Howard, 2. Finnigan Wilson
  • 11-12 Girls: 1. Lola Derr, 2. Emily Bennett, 3. Emma Moore
  • 11-12 Boys: 
  • 13-14 Girls: 1. Penelope Derr, 2. Laina Lambert. 3. Cassidy Gifford
  • 13-14 Boys: 1.Griffin Lotton
  • 15-18 Girls: 1.Reese Turner, 2. Kaylee Priace, 3. Alana Derringer
  • 15-18 Boys: 1. Evan Blazer, 2. Jarrett Payne, 3. Christian Narcelles

Shout Out to our "D" Group- Kids Going the “D”istance :

800m Free> Addison Payne

400m IM> Christian Narcelles & Griffin Lotton

400m Free> Emmie Scribben, Griffin Lotton, Evan Blazer, Jarrett Payne

New Y National and Y Fest Long Course Time Standard Cut

  • Chase Fyffe: 50m Free & 100m Free
  • Dylan Day: 100m Breast

New USA Swimming Futures Long Course Time Standard Cuts

  • Evan Blazer 100m Free & 200m Free
  • Jarrett Payne 50m Free

New USA Swimming Junior National Long Course Time Standard Cuts

  • Evan Blazer 50m Free & 100m Free