Teaching Tuesday: Racing Mentality

As swimmers continue to gear up for their championships of the summer, we want to give a few helpful tips for racing mentality. When race day arrives, swimmers will have already completed all of their important training by this point and should believe in their ability to race their very best at their big meet. An athlete's mind is a powerful tool, and therefore, can be used to maximize results come race day. 

Here are a few helpful mental tips for swimmers to perform their very best:

  • Be in tune with what relaxes your nerves leading up to and during a big meet
  • Nail down your pre-race routine so that it is a habit
  • Visualize your perfect race
  • Believe in your preparation all season/year long
  • Practice positive self-talk all the time

*While this is not an exhaustive list, we hope this can help our Georgia LSC athletes perform their very best with so many exciting competitions coming up soon*

For more information about how to mentally prepare for your big competition, check out these links: