July 20, 2021 Team News

NNA Families,


2021 NNA Silver State Championships:

Thank you to everyone for making our meet a success this year.  We received nothing but compliments about our event and everyone was excited to participate.  Our team looked great.  A giant wave of pink caps out in the pool washing over the competition.  

There were 23 different teams from all over Nevada and Northern California.  We had lots of great swims and new time standards for big meets made.  With over 100 of our kids in attendance, it would be very difficult to list everyone. But please keep in mind that all of our swimmers did a great job.

The meet ran a little long each day and the smoke caused us to have to finish a bit early on Sunday, but overall we are fortunate that this was our most successful meet to date for our swim club.  You should all be proud of helping make this possible.


Upcoming Meets for the rest of the Summer:


High Country meet July 30th- August 1stin Minden, NV

There will be a meet in Minden, Nevada next weekend.  We are unsure of what will happen due to the fires.  Right now, they have the pool facility and outlying areas evacuated.  I will let you know if it is a go as soon as the fire gets contained.


Novice Meet August 5thin Carson City, NV.

There will be a novice meet in Carson City on August 5th.  It is the perfect opportunity for all of our summer team kids to finish off the summer with a swim meet.  It is always fun and the meet only lasts a couple hours!  Please plan on attending.  If you need help, please bring the attached form to your coach and they can help you pick events and coordinate with our other team members. Wear those NNA shirts and caps and represent our team!!!


NNA in the Olympics:

We are going to have a team viewing pizza party at Pizza Plus at 2005 Sierra Highlands Drive on Saturday, July 24that 10pm.  We are going to watch our teammate, Ben Stevenson, compete in the USA’s first water polo game of the Olympics against Japan.  I know it is late due to the time change so don’t feel obligated but NNA will be getting food for everyone who comes to watch.  We are super excited to watch our NNA team member compete!


Team Pictures:

Our team pictures will be ready in the next few weeks for everyone to pick up.


Summer team members going NNA full time:

We would love to have all of our summer program swimmers transition to year round swimming with us. Please let me know if you are interested and we can get you signed up to continue swimming with us!  Please email me back at [email protected] we will get you started.


Thank you,

Erik and the NNA team!