PWSL Week 5

Just one more regular meet left before divisionals! It was a relatively quiet week in the PWSL, with no league records broken, but 31 team records were still broken among 13 teams.

In the closest meet of the week, Piedmont took down division rival Sudley by 252 points, to become the league's only team with a perfect record. Lake Manassas lost their first meet swimming up a division with Old Bridge. This week should see lots of fine-tuning for divisional meets, as every team swims outside their divisions.

Computer reps: For week 6, PLEASE email your completed meet backups to Tony Knick and John Avelis immediately after the completion of your meets, or after merging your virtual meet files. We've already been preparing meet databases and information for divisional meets, and Saturday will be a long night of merging the season's results and sending out your pre-meet information - so we will come for missing meet databases early this week!

All meets this season are being sent to and being uploaded to the site. Please take the time to check it out. 

A reminder that the "Top Times" feature on the live results website is not reliable this year, and will be turned off entirely for divisionals, to preserve cyber meet results until they're made official later that afternoon. We are sharing all the times for the league each week in PDF format

Please see the updated  summary sheet for an overview of all the meets.The Top 25 individual times and Top 15 Relays of the week are also available (I know the date at the top says 6/5/2021, but I promise they're week 5, the print date at the top right is 7/19/2021). This week's cyber meet, league record file and the PDF version of the summary report.are    available to the computer reps on this site; while interactive results are available at