Last call for Divisional Tshirts /car decorating

Hi, Sharks.

Last call for divisionals tshirts. Thanks to Geoff Nagler who will be coordinating the t-shirt check collection and distro on Saturday morning.

Use the link previously sent to order your shirts by tonight for $15 discounted price or pre-order the size you want by Friday at the regular price (don't know exact amount but probably $20).

Make your check out to Chase Club Sharks and drop it off in the Nagler's mailbox, 5506 Ashleigh Road. Or, if you happen to see our team treasurer Heather McLeish at practice, you can give it to her and she and Geoff will coordinate the overall payment and shirt distro.

Also, don't forget to let Coach Laura know if you want your car decorated. For the new swimmer families, it's a huge psych up surprise for the kids to see it that Sat. morning. I'll never forget the look on Kate's face when she first went outside. It was like Christmas in July.

Goooooo, Sharks!

Tracy Mason
co-team rep