Banquet wrap up, winter swim, and All Stars info

Oh, what a day and night!!!!

Our swimmers had a wonderful Divisionals meet yesterday with many personal bests to end a wonderful CSL Blue Division season. Our 8 and under boys were the blue division age level champs. Congrats to all the boys in this age group (the only way a team wins this award is if ALL the boys in the age group swim well and fast at all meets, not easy to do :)

Thanks to all for a great banquet --especially to Vi and Kuan Sagaow, Sonya Raikar, Min Han, and Kate Magri, to Natalie Zhou for the slide show, and also Owen Korzak and Jon Mason for set up. (you can get the slide show link from our facebook page--I'll be posting it later tonight :)

In addition to each person's award, (trophy for 8Unders and all little flippers, we have medals for 9-10s and plaques start for 11-12s and over, and senior clocks for our 4 2021 and 2 2020 seniors from senior meet) we also shared the following swimmer accomplishments:

Coaches Award - Rhett Byers and Mackenzie Achatz
Spirit - Owen Korczak and Katie Baily 
High Point / Girls - Angelina Sagaow, Ruby Castillo and Nina Shupp 
High Point / Boys - Leo Li, Victor Li, Ryan McLeish
Most Improved / Girls - Elise Nagler, Mia Baily, Nina Shupp
Most Improved / Boys - Jon Comottor, Liam McLeish, Dominic Sartori 

Now, for All Stars. A few things of note...(bear with me as half of our families are new this year so I need to explain a bit how this works)
1) it's NOT EASY to make All Stars. And the only time that qualifies a swimmer is a Divisionals time. (if you don't swim at divisionals, you can't qualify).

2) There are three stages of All Stars entries:
a) the 18 fastest swimmers total from across all 4 divisions make it for each stroke 
b) 3 total alternates (A) for each stroke (if one or more swimmers will not be able to attend the divisionals meet, they scratch and an alternate swimmer from this group will replace them. Alternates should also attend the all stars meet even though they may not swim) and
c) 3 total swimmers on the bubble (B) will fill in for alternates if they move into the first group.

The following swimmers will be practicing all together daily in the coming week at the pool, from 8:30-9:30am until we know for sure that they will not be in group a or b as noted above. IF A SWIMMER FROM THE LIST BELOW CANNOT BE AT THE ALL STARS MEET ON SATURDAY, JULY 31, please let either Coach Laura or Tracy Mason know ASAP by 11am Monday, 7/26/21. After the CSL team rep 'scratch meeting,' we will let you know the next steps for the following swimmers. 

Please join me in congratulating:

Kaitlyn Baily  event #26 girls 11/12 50 breast B
Marissa Bills  event #14 girls 9/10 50 back B
Ruby Castillo events #2 and 12 girls 8U 25 free and 25 back
Kate Geiszler event #40 girls 15/18 f50 fly B
Erin Kelley event #20 girls 15/18 back B
Lynn Kelley event #34 girls 9/10 fly
Salma Khorramshahgol events #10, 20 and 40 girls 15/18 free, back and fly
Kate Mason events #10, 30 and 50 girls 15/18 free B, breast A and 100 IM B
Elise Nagler event #24 girls 9/10 50 breast
Abby Rosenbaum event #22 girls 8U breast B
Angelina Sagaow events #10, 40, and 50 girls 15/18 free, breast, 100IM
Mckesie Schneider event #22 girls 8U 25 breast
Nina Shupp events # 36 and 46 girls 50 fly B and 100 IM B
Reed Soyster Heinz event #30 girls 15/18 50 breast B

Jon Comottor events #21 and 41 boys 8U 25 breast A and 100 IM B
Evan Kelley event #41 boys 8U 100 IM A
Leo Li events #1, 11, and 41 8U boys 25 free, 25 back and 100 IM
Victor Li events #7, 37, and 47 13/14 boys 50 free, 50 fly and 100 IM
Harry Maltese event #7 boys 13/14 free A
Liam McLeish events #1, 11, and 21 boys 8U 25 free A, 25 back B, and 25 breast
Ryan McLeish events #3 and 13 boys 9/10 50 free and 50 back
Dominic Sartori events # 1, 21, and 31 boys 8U 25 free B, 25 breast and 25 fly
and Thomas Soh events #19, 39, 49 boys 15/18 50 back, 50 fly and 100 IM

Congrats to all swimmers for a great season!

Good luck to our all stars and GOOOOOO SHARKS!
Tracy Mason
co-team rep 
703-229-2030 cell