July 26th, 2021


I am sure you are aware of the poor air quality around us right now due to the fires.

Idlewild pool is closed this morning.  There will be no 9-11am practices for all of the Idlwild groups this morning.

We are worried the air will not clear up enought to use Idlewild pool tonight either.

So to make things a little easier for everyone to plan, we are going to cancel Idlewild practices tonight as well.


We are going to try and move all of our practices today indoors to Northwest pool from 4:00pm-6:00pm.

Junior/Senior:  Lanes 1-2 from 4-5pm

Blue/Black:  Lanes 1-2 from 5-6pm

White/Pink:  Lanes 3-4 from 4-5pm

Seahorse/Squid:  Lane 3 from 5-6pm

Summer 4-5 and Idlewild mornings:  Lanes 5-6 from 4-5pm

Summer 5-6:  Lanes 4-6 from 5-6pm

   Lane 1  Lane 2  Lane 3  Lane 4  Lane 5  Lane 6    
4-5pm  JR/SR  JR/SR  White/Pnk  White/Pnk  Idle am, Sum 4-5  Idle am, Sum 4-5    
5-6pm  Bl/Bl  Bl/Bl  SH/Squ  Summer 5-6  Summer 5-6  Summer 5-6    


Thank you and we will see you this evening,