Coaches Update

We had a joyous banquet to celebrate a wonderful season! A few updates:


Banquet Updates:


--Congratulations to Ryann Cuddy and Celia Ford , our 2020 and 2021 recipients of the William J. Slattery Award for Character. Both had great careers centered around giving back to Glenwood and deserve to be recognized.


--Congratulations to Layla Tamiz , our 2021 winner of the Karen Hauser Award for the 12 & Under with the most Team Spirit.


-- If you missed the Banquet , coaches will place your certificate in your family folder in the Manager’s Office on Thursday morning . Some swimmers were chosen to receive 1 of 25 Glenwood Medals to thank them for their attitude, effort, or sportsmanship. These medals will also be in your family folder beginning Thursday. Swimmers who have trophies waiting for them will be contacted and the trophy left on the Coaches Desk in the Manager’s Office. (For those of you waiting on Divisionals ribbons & medals - those will be placed in your family folders Thursday morning as well, so check for all of your goodies after Thursday morning).


All Star Updates:


--The All Star Swim Meet is this Saturday at Rockville Outdoor Pool starting at 8am (12 & Under warmups 7-7:20am, 13-18’s 7:20-7:40am, continuous warmups available throughout the meet). All information about this elite meet can be found here


--The following swimmers will be representing Glenwood at the All Star Meet , racing against the fastest in the County. They have practice Thursday from 10-11am. We will be sure to send out an update on how they did! 



--Molly Benson (#1 in Free, #6 in Breast)

--Celia Ford (#9 in Free, #4 in Fly)

--Rachel Roddin (#17 in Fly)

--Elise Hidalgo (#13 in Back)

--Gabby Garvey (#17 in Breast)



--Jack Garvey (#9 in Breast, #6 in Fly)

--Miles duLac (#1 in Breast, #2 in IM)

--AJ Windt (#11 in Fly, #17 in IM)

--Will Schoch (#9 in Back, #15 in Breast)

--Jacob Roddin (#7 in Free, #11 in Fly)