Aloha all,

Here is the schedule for 2021-2022 starting 08/16/2021.  Of course, this is subject to change based on facility availability, but here is what we have for now.

Intro I: M/W (4:00-4:40), Sat (3:00-4:00); ALL AT KOKOKAHI

Intro II: M/W (4:40-5:20), Sat (3:00-4:00) ALL AT KOKOKAHI

Bronze: M/W (5:20-6:30 at Kokokahi); Thursday (5:00-6:00 at District Park), Saturday (1:00-2:00 at Kokokahi)

Silver: M/W/F (5:30-6:45 at District Park); Saturday (2:00-3:00 at Kokokahi)

Gold: M/T/W/F (5:15-6:45 at District Park)

Junior: M/W/TH/F (5:10-6:50 at District Park); Weekends TBD

Senior/Elite: M-F (5:00-7:00 PM at District Park); M/W (5:50-7:00 AM at Le Jardin); Weekends TBD; Dryland TBD

Signups for next season will be coming out soon!  Can't wait for an awesome season next year.  Finally, good luck to Jon Reiter, Tom Caps and Alana Barthel who will be competing in Nationals (Western Region) next week in Irvine.  This is the highest level meet inside the USA this summer and it's quite an honor that the only 3 athletes from Hawaii are representing Aulea!

Go Aulea!

Coach Joe