2020-2021 Review

Hello Coto Coyote Swimmers & Families,


Thank you for all that you have done for the team and our organization over the past year and a half.  Covid-19 has given each team in our area a new perspective of what we are able to achieve.  And we know that we can achieve more when we are together, working towards a singular goal. 


In March of 2020, all our team operations were put on hold as we came to terms with the beginning of Covid-19.  For ten weeks our program continued to move forward from the safety of our own homes, and backyard workouts.  Once we returned to the pool, we had very strict social distance rules that we were asked to follow.  One swimmer per lane, then two swimmers per lane on opposite sides of the pool, then three per lane.  Eventually we were able to get back to a version of what we knew of as traditional training. 


In November of 2020 we started attending non-sanctioned dual meets with teams in the area that were like our programming.  It was great to see us race again and got us pointing in the right direction.  In March of 2021 we had our first sanctioned meet, almost one year to the day since we raced for time. 


Since then, we have continued to train, race, and find ways to succeed.  During that time, we have continued to break barriers, and break team records.  Please congratulate the following athletes for their record breaking swims:



Liam Mulroy – 13-14 Boys 100 Fly



Liam Mulroy – 13-14 Boys 50 Back

Liam Mulroy – 13-14 Boys 50 Fly

Thomas Jariabek – 15-18 Boys 50 Fly

Lexi Bright – 13-14 Girls 100 Free


As we take focus on the upcoming season, the team and the coaches are excited to get back to swimming again.  The future is clear for our team, and we know that we can continue the success that we have had this past year.  Again, thank you to all the swimmers, families, and coaches for a great season.  And for preparing us for the future that is ahead of us.