Would you like to order equipment - Links found here

Greetings - just one more weekend before we see all your swimmers on deck!  Hope the first week of school is going well.

We just received the following links for each respective practice group.  Please note TYR is our Team Sponsor.  Your swimmer will receive one team suit, cap and tshirt.  Therefore if you order a suit on this site, it will be in addition to the team suit we have ordered for your swimmer.

Also, we are not asking anyone to replace working equipment that you already own.  If the fins still fit from last year, you do not need to purchase new ones, etc.  The fins listed for the National Development group are either/or, you do not need BOTH sets.  This is a personal preference.

Please select the practice group for your swimmer to see what each coach is requesting.

Here are the links to the team stores for each group. The password for each is the same. Let me know if changes or edits for each landing page. As a note once the families go to all items on are 25% off via the team discount.


Password for all stores: SCATTYR21


Team Store