Changes To The Training Schedule

Hi All,


We have released the training schedule for the upcoming fall season. Things will look a little different than it has in the past. We have spent a lot of time thinking of ways we can best serve the athletes. The number one thing that stood out to us was consistency. We have tweak the schedule to address that important aspect of the program.


Most of you have seen our newest coach, Jamie, on deck. Jamie brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our staff, More importantly, he brings energy and passion. If you have seen him around the swimmers, you know what I mean. We have devised the schedule so Jamie can help impart that passion to our age group swimmers. He will be working close with each and every one. 


To make that a reality, we had to make the changes in the schedule we released today. The first thing I know I will hear from some people is that there is not as much pool time for some of the groups. While that is true in some instances, we strongly feel that more isn’t always better. We want the quality of the time to be even more important. The changes we have instituted will make that happen.


We have also added specific dryland times. This is important to us. Not every child comes to us with the physical background of the kids a generation or two ago. That’s no one’s fault, it is just the reality of the situation. We want to ensure that the swimmers have the strength needed to support their increased time in the water as they develop in the sport. We felt it was time to slow down, focus on technique and strength development and then increase the amount of time in the water.


We have changed the group names and will release exit requirements for each of them. For the first couple of weeks, Sharks will go to the Sharks times (no change there), AG1 will go to the Bronze times, AG2&3 to the Silver and AG4 to Gold.Please look for more information on the changes to each of these groups in a subsequent email. 


On the senior side, we also made some changes. We are offering a Senior Developmental group. That will be for high school aged swimmers looking to get fit, but not necessarily compete as well as swimmers who are training to meet the entry requirements to the Senior program. The Senior program will be for those trying to better themselves in the sport while the National program is dedicated to those looking to compete at the highest levels of the sport.


I know. There is a lot to address. Always know that your children’s best interest are our main concern. We strongly feel that this approach is not just going to help them this fall, but as they continue to grow as athletes and people. Thanks in advance for your support.


A side note. We will not begin morning workouts until the second week of the season. More on week specific schedules soon as well.


See you at the pool - Rich