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Volunteer Opportunity For High School Aged Swimmers

The coaching staff is looking for a few swimmers to help out with our upcoming New Member Tryouts starting the week of August 16th.

The basics of what we are looking for...
1. We do not need volunteers to be available for every session, we would like to book volunteers for one week at a time.
2. We are running tryout sessions between 4-6PM Monday through Thursday so a volunteer would have to arrive no later than 3:45PM and expect to leave no earlier than 6:15.
3. The volunteers will help coaches with assessment of tryout swimmers.
4. The volunteers will help tryout swimmers check-in at the entrance and help them find the pool deck at their appropriate tryout time.

Any interested volunteers should contact Dave Ling at [email protected] so we can come up with a schedule to get you involved.

We will only accept volunteers that reach out on their own and not through a parent attempting to volunteer their son/daughter.