Ribbons, Year End Awards and Photo Link

Here is a link to the photos taken on Picture Day, feel free to download and print! :)


Thank you to all who came to the family swim! And thank you for a fun (and SUPER FAST) summer!  Ready for porch pickup are ribbons and year end awards.  Please please come on by 441 Shady Lane, Wentzville!  


All swimmers received a “Ribbon Holder” plaque. 


If your swimmer is on this list of Most Improved and Most Sea Dragon Spirit and did not attend the swim party, there is a bag of metals in the front of the mailboxes. 


Most Improved:

Georgia Adams

Gavin Garcia

Hattie Adams

Miles Gutleber

Erica Miller

Curtis Rosemann

Oliva Dillow

Jackson Manning

Natalie Kiehl

Ben Miller

Eryn Chamberlain

Ryan Yang

Chloe Tilton

Hunter Staszuk


Sea Dragon Spirit:

Emma Jackson

Shane Lucas

Evie Fallert

AJ Malick

Eleanor Kiehl

Conner Jackson

Charlotte Haskins

Levi Harris

Naomni Shipley

William Hodai

Kaleigh Flower

Jackson Hirschbuehler

Maddy Nicotra

Christopher Scheck


Thank you all for a great year!