Swim Team Wrap Up 2021


Aqua Club Swim Team 2021 - Wrap Up


What a great season!

So many things to be thankful for. Kids got to swim. Parents were allowed on deck. We had swim meets. Especially after summer 2020, we once again remembered how special the Aqua Club is. Watching the smiles and hearing the laughter from everyone was just what we all needed.


Season Highlights

Over 225 swimmers participated, including 40 new team members.


Dual Meets (3-1 record)

Wedgwood W

View Ridge W

Sheridan Beach W

Sand Point L

GSSSL Championship Postseason

86 swimmers with Prelims times

37 swimmers advanced to the All-City meet

5th place finish overall - out of 16 teams.


Special Thanks

Loved the coaching staff this year! There were a lot of new faces to work into the rotation. It was fun to watch our rookie coaches grow, just like the rest of the team! Thanks to Alex, Billy, Michael, Tyler, Anthony, Maddie, Monica, & Megan for all of their hard work.

It really does “take a village” to put on a meet. Thanks to all of the board members, parents, and pool staff (Shannon & Tyler!) who helped us get through all five meets. I’d especially like to thank the “upstairs deck” crew - Kris Harness, Jon Lewis, Jon Rader, Tim Surdyk, Matt DesJardien, and Dave Hollander. Thanks also to Michelle Clausen who organized our concessions and food trucks. 

Our “pool deck” crew - including Diane Wies, Lynn Van Hollebeke, Katie Hass, Johanna Phillips, Aileen Hammar, and Dan Dekay - are also vital to running our meets. We really couldn’t do this without all of you.


Individual Awards -

New Club Record

Lane Gooding

14U Girls 50 Free - 25.13


New Top Ten All-Time Swims (From 1959 - 2021...63 years!)

Individual Events

Chloe Wies - 12U 50 Breast

Lane Gooding - 14U 50 & 100 Freestyle

Alexis Edwards - Senior 50 Freestyle

Miranda Thompson - Senior 50 Back & 100 Freestyle

Liv Gooding - Senior 50 Breast & 100 IM

Cooper Hollander - 10U 50 Back

Ian Reece - 14U 50 Breast & 100 IM

Max Iwen - 14U 50 Fly

Peter Yamane - Senior 50 Back, 50 Fly, 100 IM, & 100 Freestyle

Andrew Harness - Senior 50 Breast, 50 Fly, & 100 IM



10U Girls 200 Freestyle Relay

Harper DesJardien, Astrid Michie, Julia DesJardien, Nadalyn McKinnon

Senior Girls 200 Medley Relay

Miranda Thompson, Audrey Brown, Alexis Anderson, Alexis Edwards

Senior Girls 200 Freestyle Relay

Alexis Edwards, Alexis Anderson, Miranda Thompson, Liv Gooding

14U Boys 200 Medley Relay

Monte Michie, Nate Wies, Max Iwen, Ian Reece

Senior Boys 200 Medley Relay

Cole Leaty, Andrew Harness, Peter Yamane, Kai Geller


Iron Shark (Qualified for prelims in all events)


Peter Yamane

Andrew Harness

Kai Geller

Alexis Edwards

Alexis Anderson

Miranda Thompson

Holand Dennis

Audrey Brown

Madelyn Brown

Lucca Rader

Sarah Van Hollebeke


Ian Reece

Lane Gooding

Ellie Hobart

Julia Radvick


Marcos King

Edison Phillips

Ivy Fortune

Ella Johnson

Harper Birgfeld


Cooper Hollander

Alan VerPlanck

Nadalun McKinnon

Harper DesJardien

Julia DesJardien

Astrid Michie


Reed Phillips

Karalyn McKinnon


Sportsmanship Award (Positive role models and leaders!)

Oliva Welch

Audrina Parsons

Henry Nickel

Christian Leaty


Most Inspirational Swimmers (Voted on by swimmers)

Andrew Harness

Alexis Anderson


Coaches Awards (Voted on by Coaches)

Peter Yamane

Ryan McNeff

Alexis Edwards

Sarah Van Hollebeke


Age Group Awards

Most Improved Swimmer

8U - Charlotte Claesgens, Bridger Korte

10U - Harper Korte, Owen Collar

12U - Eloise Waterstone, Chase Arnold

14U - Lara Mann, Max Gamb

Seniors - Miranda Thompson, Parker Davis


Hardest Worker

8U - Mae Corriell, Matias King

10U - Kaley Reid, Cooper Hollander

12U - Avery Leptich, Marcos King

14U - Ellie Hobart, Thomas Higson

Seniors - Sarah Van Hollebeke, Gaku Beauchamp

Graduating Seniors

A huge group this year. All are great leaders and role models...and also super fast! Included below are their bios, which were read at senior night.


Kai Geller - North Creek

On swim team for 13 years

Favorite Memory:  All Cities 2017 Setting new all time Aqua club record for Medley Relay with Andrew, Peter, and Alec

Kai is going to Oregon State and is interested in engineering and education. He will also be joining the Oregon State Rowing team.


Lucy Westhusing - Roosevelt

Years on AC Swim Team- 8

Favorite Memories- team sleepover and getting wooshed during relays

Plans for 2021/22 - School? Major? Work? Swim? Loyola Marymount in LA, majoring in psychology 

Message to current/future AC swimmers- cheer for your teammates and encourage everyone to keep swimming!


Ryan McNeff - Roosevelt

Years on Aqua Club: 11

Favorite Memories: The All City relay that I was on when I was 14

Plans for 2021: I will be attending Macalester College in St. Paul. I will also be on the varsity swim team at Macalester.

Advice: Always bring extras of everything


Luke Mason - Inglemoor

Been in aqua club since 2011 so 10 years.

Going to uw seattle majoring in engineering.

Message to aqua club swimmers: try something new, even if it’s small.


Peter Yamane - Inglemoor

Years on the AC Swim Team: 12 years

Favorite Memories: The Aqua Club sleepovers, getting "whooshed" by the seniors during the Free relay, and swimming rivalry with Andrew Harness

Plans for 2021/2022: Committed to swim at Whitman College, but will be deferring a year and taking classes at Cascadia College. Undecided in my major, but interested in the STEM field like biochemistry or computer science. 

Message to current/future AC swimmers: Don't swim 4 events in a row. It is very tiring, but more importantly just have fun.


Andrew Harness - Shorecrest

Years on AC- 13 years

Favorite memories- all city relay 2019 and tie-dyes

Montana state, engineering, SKI

Message- “you can always sleep after practice. DONT SKIP”


Sarah Van Hollebeke - Blanchet

Years on AC - 2007 or 2008??? (conflicting sources) 

Favorite memory- skipping my event as an 8&under because I did not want to stop playing barbies with Lexi.  Plans for 21/22 - I will be attending the University of Notre Dame with my intended majors of international economics and German. Go Irish! 

Message to current AC swimmers -  Have fun behind the blocks with your friends!


Alexis Edwards - Shorecrest

Lexi Edwards will be attending Boise State University and plans to major in Business administration. She has been on the swim team for 13 years. Her favorite memory on the team is stealing Maddie and Audrey’s pasta at all the swim meets and playing barbies in the swim tents when she was little. Her message to future swimmers is to be prepared to show up to every practice if the coach is your Dad.  


Mia Sikora - Ingrahm

I’ve been on swim team for 11 years 

One of my favorite memories is staying up with friends at the aqua club sleepovers 

Next year I will be studying kinesiology/pre PT at San Diego State University   

Don’t forget to thank your parents for all they do for you :)


Holand Dennis - Lakeside

Holand Dennis will be attending Pitzer College in the fall as an undeclared major. She has been a part of Aqua Club since she was eight. Her favorite memory is bribing the older swimmers, some adults, and even coaches for spare quarters to buy otter pops with Lexi Edwards and Anna Sargent before race class. She also has the fondest memories of hiding in tents between races and covering her friends in sharpie. Her message to future swimmers is always cheer for your teammates in between races, and to simply have fun and do your best. She also recommends writing your first and last name on every piece of clothing you bring to any summer league meet.


I hope everyone is enjoying their last few weeks before we go back to school. When the rain starts, and we’re hunkered down riding out winter, keep your eyes on next spring and summer, when we can do this again!


Tentative Start Date - May 23

Tentative All City Date - August 2


See you soon -


Coach Matt